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Bridging the gap between theory and practice in educational research : methods at the margins / edited by Rachelle Winkle-Wagner, Cheryl A. Hunter, Debora Hinderliter Ortloff.


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Publication date:
1st ed. - New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
  • Book
  • xi, 271 p. ; 22 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. [233]-256) and index.
  • The Not-Centre: The Margins and Educational Research-- R.Winkle-Wagner PART I: THEORY The Politics of Knowledge: What an Examination of the Margins Can Offer-- B.Dennis On the Tasks of the Critical Educational Scholar/Activist-- M.Apple Making Sense of the Call for Scientifically Based Research in Education-- G.Delandshere Playing at the Margins: Methodological Innovations With a Purpose-- P.Carspecken Theory of the Margins: Liberating Research in Education-- B.Dennis PART II: METHODOLOGY Uncloaking Epistemologies through Methodology-- A.Lawrence Research as if Place Mattered: Towards a Methodology of Emplacement-- J.Hunter Twisted Time: The Educative Chronologies of American Indian History-- D.Warren Researching Hispanic Undergraduates: Conceptual and Methodological Unease-- A.Nora Cross-racial Validation: The Process of Validating Research Across Racial Lines-- R.Winkle-Wagner PART III: EXEMPLARS Engaging the Margins: Working Toward a Methodology of Empowerment-- J.Hunter Educating the 'Savage' and 'Civilized': Santa Clara Pueblo Indians at the 1904 St. Louis Expo-- A.Lawrence 'Intimately Biased': Creating Purposeful Research in American Indian Education with Appropriate and Authentic Methodology-- T.Yazzie-Mintz Lesbian Youth and the 'Not Girl' Gender: Explorations of Adolescent Lesbian Lives through Critical Life Story Research-- E.Payne Breaking the Hymen and Reclaiming the 'Cherry': Adolescent Language Use in Negotiations of Autonomy in a Sexuality Education Program-- C.A.Hunter Citizenship Education in the Global Era-- D.Hinderliter Ortloff Quantitative Approaches as a Bridge from the Invisible to the Visible: The Case of Basic Education Policy in a Disadvantaged Nation-- A.Yonehara.
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Publisher's Summary:
This book provides new ways of thinking about educational processes, using quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Concrete examples of research techniques are provided for those conducting research with marginalized populations or about marginalized ideas. This volume asserts theoretical models related to research methods and the study of underrepresented groups. Ultimately, it aims at expanding knowledge itself - altering the center by allowing the margins to inform it - allowing it to be reated and extended to include those ways of knowing that have historically been unexplored or ignored.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Winkle-Wagner, Rachelle.
Hunter, Cheryl A.
Ortloff, Debora Hinderliter.

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