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Handbook of online learning / editors, Kjell Erik Rudestam, Judith Schoenholtz-Read.


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Publication date:
2nd ed. - Los Angeles : SAGE, c2010.
  • Book
  • xvii, 501 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Preface 1. The Flourishing of Adult Online Education: An Overview - Kjell Erik Rudestam and Judith Schoenholtz-Read Part I. Changing Philosophies and Theories of Online Learning 2. Presence in Teleland - Gary Fontaine and Grace Chun 3. The Challenges of Culture and Community in Online Academic Environments - Jeremy J. Shapiro and Shelley K. Hughes 4. Evolving Technologies - Robin Mason and Frank Rennie 5. Applying Social Systems Thinking and Community Informatics Thinking in Education: Building Efficient Online Learning Design Culture in Universities - Pierre-Leonard Harvey 6. Media Psychology Controls the Mouse That Roars - Bernard Luskin and James Hirsen 7. Globalization in Online Learning - Janet Poley 8. Online Learning Research - Yolanda Gayol 9. Uncertain Frontiers: Exploring Ethical Dimensions of Online Learning - Dorothy Agger-Gupta Part II. Implementation of Online Learning 10. Revisiting the Design and Delivery of an Interactive Online Graduate Program - Judith Stevens-Long and Charles Crowell 11. Candlepower: The Intimate Flow of Online Collaborative Learning - Barclay Hudson 12. Designing and Developing Web-Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems: A Step-by-Step Approach With Practical Applications - Kay Wijekumar 13. Synthesizing Higher Education and Corporate Learning Strategies - Bruce LaRue and Stephanie Galindo 14. Teaching Action Research at a Distance - Jenny Edwards and Sue Marquis Gordon 15. Beyond the Looking Glass: What Faculty and Students Need to Be Sucessful Online - Rena M. Palloff and Keith Pratt 16. Teaching Professionals to Be Effective Online Facilitators and Instructors: Lessons From Hard-Won Experience - Leni Wildflower 17. Leadership and Management of Online Learning Environments in Universities - Anna DiStefano and Judy Witt 18. Accrediting Online Institutions and Programs: Quality Assurance or Bureaucratic Hurdle? - Ralph Wolff 19. Virtual Libraries in Online Learning - Stefan Kramer Index About the Editors About the Contributors.
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Publisher's Summary:
"The Handbook of Online Learning" is a comprehensive reference text for teachers and administrators of online courses and programs. It presents a discussion of the conceptual and theoretical foundations of online learning along with an exploration of practical implementation strategies. It is the most comprehensive reference text available for teachers and administrators of online courses and programs. This book puts emphasis on interactive teaching//learning strategies. It challenges people to think differently about pedagogy. It provides a strong theoretical base before discussing applications. Part I first presents the changing philosophies and theories of learning. Part II covers implementation or the practice of online learning. Several chapters deal with the issues related to the growing corporate online learning environment. New to this edition: twelve new articles on the latest issues including topics such as psychology of online learning, training faculty, digital libraries, ethical dimensions in online learning, legal issues, course management systems and evolving technologies; ten key articles retained from current edition are revised and updated to reflect current trends and changes in the field; companion website with pertinent links and related information for each chapter; and, all contributors to the first edition were from the Fielding Institute; the second edition reaches beyond to scholars from other institutions for a more diverse collection. Praise for the first edition: 'The Fielding Institute authors apply an impressive wealth of organizational management theory and experience in their analysis of computer-mediated teaching and learning. The result is an enjoyable-to-read, fresh and lively book, delivering an abundance of ideas about how to establish a supportive learning environment, design a well structured course and manage electronically mediated dialog, in other words, how to successfully facilitate learning in the new context of on-line distance education' - Michael G. Moore, Pennsylvania State University and Editor, "The American Journal of Distance Education". 'This book is a fascinating, comprehensive, revealing array of information about online learning. It is full of practical applications and significant implications for a future where online learning will play an increasingly larger role. It is essential for any library keeping up on online learning innovations' - Dr. Bernard J. Luskin, President and Co-CEO, GlobalLearningSystems, Inc. Visiting Professor, Claremont Graduate University. 'This book not only is that rare breed that addresses online learning in both higher education and corporate environments but every chapter is intriguing, informative, and accurately grounded. This book provides a comprehensive, timely, and informative look at online learning in higher education and corporate training settings. For an update on the state of e-learning in educational and training environments, simply read this book' - Curtis J. Bonk, Ph.D., Indiana University and Courseshare.com. 'Business and Learning have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship in our culture. The pace of change, however, has created separation between these two vital elements. "The Handbook of Online Learning" showcases the latest thinking and applications in learning delivery, and offers real promise that the gap is being bridged' - D.M. Verkest, AT&T Wireless Services, Vice-President-National Operations. 'The authors of this book are all experienced distance educators who know what the issues are: How are people engaged in teaching and learning at a distance 'present' to one another? How do you create a community in the class? How can a teacher deal with an obstreperous student? What are the teaching//learning environments in universities and corporations as they affect distance education? The essays in this book inhabit the border where the idea of distance education meets the reality. The give practical advice and provide examples informed by both theory and experience' - Stanley Chodorow, Professor Emeritus, University of California, San Diego & Former CEO, California Virtual University.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Rudestam, Kjell Erik.
Schoenholtz-Read, Judith.

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