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Challenging the professionalization of adult education : John Ohliger and contradictions in modern practice / André P. Grace, Tonette S. Rocco and associates ; foreword by Michael R. Welton.


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Grace, André P., 1954-
Publication date:
1st ed. - San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2009.
  • Book
  • xxviii, 355 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Foreword (Michael R. Welton). Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. Part One: Introduction. 1. John Funnell Ohliger: A Brief Biography of His Life and Vocations (Andre P. Grace and Tonette S. Rocco). 2. Mediating Challenges in Adult Education and Culture: John Ohliger's Radical Social Project (Andre P. Grace and Tonette S. Rocco). Part Two: In Ohliger's Words: Accent on the Social from a Radical Liberal Perspective. 3. Adult Education: 1984 (John Ohliger). 4. Is Lifelong Adult Education a Guarantee of Permanent Inadequacy? (John Ohliger). 5. The Social Uses of Theorizing in Adult Education (John Ohliger). 6. Lifelong Learning as Nightmare (John Ohliger). 7. Forum: You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Laugh (John Ohliger). 8. A CautiousWelcome to the New Millennium (John Ohliger). Part Three: Challenging Professionalization in an Emerging Field of Study and Practice. 9. Contesting Adult Education as a Venture: John Ohliger's Critique of Modern Practice (Andre P. Grace). 10. The Adult Educator as Public Intellectual (David Yamada). 11. Informing Learning for Today's Professionals: Lessons from the Social Critique of Mandatory Continuing Education (Tonette S. Rocco). 12. Icons and Pariahs: Mentorship and the Archaeology of Adult Education (Jeff Zacharakis). 13. Moving Beyond Radical Pessimism: Valuing Critical Perspectives (Michael Collins). Part Four: Narrations on the Life of a Radical Social Educator: Legacies and Critiques. 14. Outside Looking In: Challenges to the Professional Field (Phyllis M. Cunningham). Reflection: Critical and Radical Themes Abetting Learning for Life andWork (Andre P. Grace). 15. A Mindful Commitment to ConnectingWomen Toward Intellectual Community (Lee Karlovic). Reflection: On Bread, Roses, and Paradox (Elizabeth J. Tisdell). 16. CulturalWork in the Trenches: John Ohliger and Paul Robeson (Stephen Brookfield). Reflection: God Damn the Pushers (Andre P. Grace). 17. John Ohliger's Legacy to Building Social Democracy:WORTS and All (Christina (Chris) Wagner). Reflection: Honoring People, Valuing Ideas, Honoring John (Andre P. Grace). Name Index. Subject Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
This is groundbreaking book examines the influence of the radical educator and social critic John Ohliger and provides a challenge to orthodox approaches to adult education. Ohliger's call to focus on the necessity of learning to democracy, and his critique of those that fail to keep freedom and responsibility at the center of the learning enterprise, provide rich material for the authors' reflections on the many ways in which Ohliger's work has influenced contemporary practice in the field. The book also includes his most influential works and allows the reader to engage with his ideas directly.
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Rocco, Tonette S., 1954-

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