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Social justice, peace, and environmental education : transformative standards / edited by Julie Andrzejewski, Marta P. Baltodano, Linda Symcox.


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Publication date:
New York : Routledge, 2009.
  • Book
  • xi, 332 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Foreword, Antonia Darder 1. Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education: Global and Indivisible, Julie Andrzejewski, Marta P. Baltodano, and Linda Symcox Part One: Learning from Native Educators and Indigenous Communities: Transformative Principles and Cultural Standards 2. Mai i te Maramatanga, ki te Putanga Mai o te Tahuritanga: From Conscientization to Transformation, Graham Smith 3. Culturally Responsive Schools for Alaska Native Students: A Model for Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education, Ray Barnhardt Part Two: Transformative Education for Human Rights, Peace, All Species and the Earth 4. From "A Nation at Risk" to "No Child Left Behind:" 25 Years of Neoliberal Reform in Education, Linda Symcox 5. Reclaiming Standards for a Progressive Agenda: Human Rights Education Standards for Teachers and Teacher Education, Todd Jennings 6. Environmental Education: From International Resolve to Local Experience and Inquiry, David Gruenewald, Bob Offei Manteaw, and Gregory A. Smith 7. Education for Peace and Nonviolence, Julie Andrzejewski 8. Social Responsibility and Teaching Young Children:An Education for Living in Ethical and Caring Ways, Beth Blue Swadener and Leigh O'Brien 9. Interspecies Education for Humans, Animals, and the Earth, Julie Andrzejewski, Helena Pederson, and Freeman Wicklund Part Three: Integrating Identities with Global Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education 10. (Re)imagining New Narratives of Racial, Labor, and Environmental Power: Towards a Liberatory Education for Latina/o Students, Yvette Lapayese 11. Liberating Minds, Hearts, and Souls: Forging an Anti-Colonial Framework to Explore the Asian-American Experience, Glenn Omatsu 12. "A Past is Not a Heritage": Reclaiming Indigenous Principles for Social Justice and the Education of People of African Descent, Nola Butler Byrd and Menan Jangu 13. Achieving Conceptual Equilibrium: Standards for Gender Justice in Education, Renee Jeanne Martin 14. Disability Studies in Education: Guidelines and Ethical Practice, Robin Smith, Deborah Gallagher, Valerie Owen, and Thomas M. Skrtic 15. Queered Standards: Living and Working for Peace and Justice, Darla Linville, Christopher Walsh, David Lee Carlson Part Four: Themes, Challenges, and Potential of SJPEE Standards 16. The Pursuit of Social Justice in the United States, Marta P. Baltodano 17. Evaluating State Curriculum Standards: A Multicultural Perspective, Robert Crafton 18. Towards a Collective Vision for Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education, Julie Andrzejewski, Marta P. Baltodano, Ray Barnhardt, and Linda Symcox Contributor Biographies.
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Publisher's Summary:
The concept of 'standards' seems antithetical to the ways critical educators are dedicated to teaching, but what would 'standards' look like if they were generated from social justice perspectives and through collaborative and inclusive processes? Such is the central question posed by the contributors of this groundbreaking collection on the interconnectivity of social justice, peace, and environmental preservation. Challenging education that promotes consumerism, careerism, and corporate profiteering, they boldly offer examples of a new paradigm for practicing a transformative critical pedagogy. Rather than just talking about coalition building within and across educational communities, they demonstrate how we might communicate from different vantage points and disciplinary boundaries to create a broader picture of social and eco-justice. "Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education" will be required reading for educators and students who want to envision and practice living, acting, and teaching for a better world.
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Andrzejewski, Julie, 1945-
Baltodano, Marta.
Symcox, Linda.
The teaching/learning social justice series
Teaching/learning social justice.

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