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Music library and research skills / Jane Gottlieb.


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Gottlieb, Jane, 1954-
Publication date:
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall, c2009.
  • Book
  • xiii, 370 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Table of Contents Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1: Libraries and the Universe of Information on Music * Overview * Roles for Successful Music Library Users * Types of Libraries and Selected Listings * Tips on Searching Library Catalogs * Bibliographic Style and Style Manuals * Using the Internet for Music Research * Some Basic Rules for Music Research on the Internet Chapter 2: Bibliographies of Music Literature * Overview A: Bibliographies of Bibliographies and Guides to the Literature About Music B: Bibliographies of Music Literature: Format-Specific Sources C: Bibliographies of Music Literature: Subject-Specific Sources D: Bibliographies of Music Literature: Indexes Chapter 3: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias * Overview and Chronological Survey of Music Dictionaries * Encyclopedic sources (Grove, MGG, Basso), Concise Dictionaries, Terminological Sources, Biographical Sources. * Special Subject Sources * Titles, AKAs, and Cross-References Chapter 4: Composers, Performers, and Composer-Performers: Selected Bibliographic and Dictionary Sources Chapter 5: Histories of Music and Related Subjects * Introduction * Historiography of Music and Landmark Music Histories * Musicology * Ethnomusicology * Popular Music Studies * Jazz Research * German Musicologists in Perspective * Teaching of Music History and Music History Textbooks * Specific Music Histories Published since 1990 * Source Readings * Oral History * Music Iconography * Organology * Chronologies and Calendars * Biographies Chapter 6: Periodicals, Periodical Indexes, and Databases * Introduction * Selected Music Periodical Titles * Music Periodical Indexes and Databases Chapter 7: Discographies * Introduction: Discographic Tools and the History of Recording * Specific Discographies * About Recordings: A Select Bibliography Chapter 8: From Manuscript to Printed Edition * Introduction * Manuscript Sources and RISM * Bibliographies of Early Music (Music Before 1800) * Music Printing and Publishing Music Printing and Publishing: Selected Bibliography Music Printing and Publishing: Selected Studies of Specific Printers/Publishers Chronology of Printing, Publishing, and Copyright: Landmarks * Types of Editions and the Process of Editing Types of Editions The Process of Editing Editing and Editions: A Selected Bibliography * Study of Manuscripts via Surrogates: Facsimiles, Microfilm, and Digital Copies * Copyright Copyright: A Selected Bibliography * Performing Rights Societies Chapter 9: Bibliographies of Music * Introduction * Bibliographies of Music and Indexes * Musical Settings of Poets and Writers * Regional Bibliographies and Other Specialized Tools * Resources for Locating Music Publishers Chapter 10: Composer Thematic Catalogs * Introduction * Composer Thematic Catalogs Chapter 11: Text Translations and Guides to Pronunciation * Introduction * Selected Sources Chapter 12: Resources for Careers in Music and other Miscellaneous Tools * Resources for Careers in Music and other Miscellaneous Tools * Directories * Funding Resources and Grants * Business and Legal Resources: A Selected List * Career Guides: A Selected List * Travel Guides and Gazetteers Glossary of German Terms Selected Glossary of Bibliographic Terms and Abbreviations Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
Music Library and Research Skills is a complete guide for music majors for researching and completing a paper. It encompasses all the latest technologies and resources, providing not only annotated listings of key items but also informative "how to" side bars and "real life" stories to guide the student. All music majors are required to take a research methods course and this book, by the Vice President and Head Librarian of the Juilliard School, will set a new standard for the course.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)

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