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Encyclopedia of surface and colloid science [electronic resource] / edited by P. Somasundaran.



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2nd ed. - [New York] : Taylor & Francis, 2006.
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Title from home page (viewed on Apr. 19, 2007). "Dekkar encyclopedias."
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Absorption of Ions into DropletsNew! Acid-Base Behavior of Clay Surfaces in Aqueous MediaAcid-Base Behavior of Oxide and Related SurfacesAcid-Base Behavior of Polymer SurfacesAcid-Base Behavior of (Polymer) Surfaces: TheoryActive Fillers for Composite Materials: Interaction with Penetrated MediaAdhesion of Air Bubbles to Mineral Surfaces in the Presence of LiquidsAdhesion Properties of PolymersAdsolubilization of Organic PollutantsAdsorbate Molecular Area and Monolayer Coverage, Relationship betweenAdsorbate Structure at Clay Surfaces: Surfactants at Clay-Water InterfaceAdsorbents for Water Treatment: Development of Low-Cost Alternatives to CarbonAdsorption and Fouling at Stainless Steel SurfacesAdsorption and Interfacial Film Formation from Emulsion SystemsAdsorption at Gas-Liquid InterfacesAdsorption at Silica, Alumina, and Related SurfacesAdsorption at Surface-Modified Silica GelsAdsorption-Desorption Kinetics on Reconstructable SurfacesAdsorption from Mixtures of Polymers and SurfactantsAdsorption in Disordered Microporous Materials: Theoretical AnalysisAdsorption Isotherms: Basic PrinciplesAdsorption KineticsAdsorption Kinetics of ProteinsAdsorption Mechanisms of Ions in Colloidal SystemsAdsorption of Amino Acids on SolidsAdsorption of Biomolecules at SilicaAdsorption of DrugsAdsorption of Dyes on Clay SurfacesAdsorption of Dyes on MicaAdsorption of Electroinactive Organic Molecules at the Mercury-Solution InterfaceAdsorption of FluidsAdsorption of Gases at Porous Solid SurfacesAdsorption of Gases on Ion-Exchanged Zeolite SurfacesAdsorption of Heavy Metal Ions on ClaysNew! Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions on Soil Surfaces and Similar Substances: Theoretical AspectsAdsorption of Immunoglobulins at Solid-Liquid InterfacesAdsorption of Metal Complexes at Oxide and Related SurfacesAdsorption of Molecules at Metal SurfacesAdsorption of Particles onto Metallic SurfacesAdsorption of Particles: TheoryAdsorption of Polyelectrolytes on MicaAdsorption of Polyethoxyethylenic Surfactants on Clay SurfacesAdsorption of Polymers at Colloid SurfacesAdsorption of Polymers in Mixed Polymer SystemsNew! Adsorption of Polysaccharides on MineralsAdsorption of Proteins: Measurement MethodsAdsorption of Proteins: Methods of OrientationAdsorption of Proteins on Polymer Particles: Some ApplicationsAdsorption of Surfactants and Biological Molecules at the Mercury-Solution InterfaceAdsorption of Surfactants and Induced Adsorption at Solid-Liquid InterfacesAdsorption of Surfactants at Polymer SurfacesAdsorption of Surfactants on SilicaAdsorption of Water at Clay SurfacesAdsorption on Activated Carbon and Zeolite Surfaces: Recovery of Chlorinated Organic CompoundsAdsorption on CarbonAggregated Structures of Fine Particles and Suspension Rheology: Electric Field EffectsAtmospheric Aerosols: Natural and Anthropogenic Particles.
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Electronic text.
Publisher's Summary:
Welcome to the fully updated and expanded Second Edition of the Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science! What's Different? This edition contains: 123 entries that were not included in the first edition; 44 entries that cover original, never-before published information; 79 entries that have been completely updated from the first edition. Reflecting the rapid advances across many fields, this Encyclopedia transcends the broad, multidisciplinary scope of interface science and draws together the interface-related aspects of chemistry, materials sciences and engineering, biology, physics, computer sciences, and applied mathematics. This new edition offers more than 25% new material, a third of which has never been published elsewhere! New Topics in the second edition include: Active fillers for composite materials; Interfacial and dielectric properties of biological tissues; Colloid interaction forces; Cationic and anionic surfactant interaction Dielectrophoresis of biological cells; Gemini surfactants; Interfacial tension measurement in fluid-fluid systems; Papermaking Cyclocarbonate based polymers; and Super repellency Ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes. Teach, Clarify, Analyze, and Understand! Whether you are a student encountering colloid and interface science for the first time, a senior scientist desiring to become more familiar with surfaces, or a specialist browsing for new results, ideas and insights, the "Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science, Second Edition" conveys the essence of the field. This text helps you locate the Information You Need Quickly and Easily. This Encyclopedia offers over 465 entries that define terminology, demystify concepts, highlight key references, and identify important applications. Helpful Features in the second edition include: An improved organization of entries; A new, expanded Index; A convenient Topical Table of Contents that groups entries by subject matter; Print or Online Access. "The Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science, Second Edition" is available in an 8-volume set and as an online subscription - save on each when you buy them together! The advantages of our Online Subscription include: Color images throughout; Access to NEW entries as they are received; Search capabilities by subject and date. Synthesize, Characterize, Challenge, Modify, and Apply! The distinguished contributors to the "Encyclopedia of Colloid and Surface Science, Second Edition" illustrate a passion for the role of interface science in a host of applications including catalysis, foods, filtration, lubrication, mineral processing, paints, pharmaceuticals, polymers, soaps, and soils.
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Somasundaran, P., 1939-

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