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Instruction and assessment for struggling writers : evidence-based practices / edited by Gary A. Troia.


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Publication date:
New York : Guilford Press, c2009.
  • Book
  • xi, 401 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Multiple processes that matter in writing instruction and assessment / Virginia W. Berninger, Noelia P. Garcia, and Robert D. Abbott
  • Self-efficacy and procrastination in the writing of students with learning disabilities / Robert M. Klassen and Christine Welton
  • The effects of writing workshop instruction on the performance and motivation of good and poor writers / Gary A. Troia ... [et al.]
  • Connecting reading and writing instruction for struggling learners / Timothy Shanahan
  • Informational writing across the curriculum / Carol Sue Englert, Cynthia M. Okolo, and Troy V. Mariage
  • Teaching composing to students with learning disabilities : scientifically supported recommendations / Steve Graham, Natalie G. Olinghouse, and Karen R. Harris
  • Written composition instruction and intervention for students with language impairment / Nickola W. Nelson, Froma P. Roth, and Adelia M. Van Meter
  • Teaching written expression to culturally and linguistically diverse learners / Anne W. Graves and Robert Rueda
  • Using technology to teach composing to struggling writers / Charles A. MacArthur
  • Teaching spelling to students with language and learning disabilities / Louisa C. Moats
  • Spelling and English language learning / Pauline B. Low and Linda S. Siegel
  • Classroom portfolio assessment for writing / Maryl Gearhart
  • Assessment of student writing with curriculum-based measurement / Betty J. Benson and Heather M. Campbell
  • Language-based assessment of written expression / Cheryl M. Scott.
Publisher's Summary:
This unique book focuses on how to provide effective instruction to K-12 students who find writing challenging, including English language learners and those with learning disabilities or language impairments. Prominent experts illuminate the nature of writing difficulties and offer practical suggestions for building students' skills at the word, sentence, and text levels. Topics include writing workshop instruction; strategies to support the writing process, motivation, and self-regulation; composing in the content areas; classroom technologies; spelling instruction for diverse learners; and, assessment approaches. Every chapter is grounded in research and geared to the real-world needs of inservice and preservice teachers in general and special education settings.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Troia, Gary A.
Challenges in language and literacy.

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