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Aperiodic structures in condensed matter : fundamentals and applications / Enrique Maciá Barber.



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Barber, Enrique Maciá.
Publication date:
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2009.
  • Book
  • xii, 443 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Orderings of Matter Periodic thinking in physical sciences The realm of periodic crystals Superimposed periods Order at different scales Scale invariance and fractal geometry Hierarchical architecture of biomolecules The role of correlated disorder Long-range correlations: the DNA case The Notion of Aperiodic Crystal Order without periodicity Bringing in icosahedral thought Beautiful forbidden symmetries Unveiling Pythagorean dreams Crystallography in six dimensions IUCr: A new definition of crystal Aperiodic crystals classification schemes Some milestones in the aperiodic crystal route Quasiperiodic Crystals Quasicrystalline alloys Quasicrystals as a hierarchy of clusters Electronic structure of icosahedral quasicrystals Phenomenological transport models Aperiodically Layered Materials A novel design: Fibonacci superlattices General aperiodic heterostructures Signatures of quasiperiodicity One-Dimensional Quasiperiodic Models Effective one-dimensional systems Classification schemes based on spectral properties Remarkable properties of singular continuous spectra Frequency spectra of general Fibonacci lattices Nature of critical states in aperiodic systems The role of critical states in transport properties Transport properties of Fibonacci superlattices Beyond one-dimensional models The Aperiodic Crystal of Life The double helix Electronic structure of nucleic acids Charge transfer in DNA: what experiments say Modeling charge migration in DNA Long-range correlations: the biophysicist viewpoint Exploiting Aperiodic Order in Technological Devices Periodic versus aperiodic Layered systems Photonic and phononic quasicrystals Complex metallic alloys DNA-based nanoelectronics Novel Designs Based on the Aperiodic Order Order and design: the technological viewpoint One-dimensional designs Two- and three-dimensional designs Beyond quasiperiodic order: aperiodicity by design Some open questions Mathematical Tools Almost periodic and quasiperiodic functions Transfer matrix technique Trace map formalism Renormalization matrix methods Diagnostic tools.
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Publisher's Summary:
Order can be found in all the structures unfolding around us at different scales, including in the arrangements of matter and in energy flow patterns. "Aperiodic Structures in Condensed Matter: Fundamentals and Applications" focuses on a special kind of order referred to as aperiodic order. The book covers several topics dealing with the role of aperiodic order in numerous domains of the physical sciences and technology. It first presents the most characteristic features of various aperiodic systems. The author then describes theoretical aspects and useful mathematical approaches to properly study the physical systems. Focusing on applied issues, he discusses how to exploit aperiodic order in different technological devices. The author also examines one-, two-, and three-dimensional designs. For those new to the field of aperiodic systems, this book is an excellent guide to the many facets and applications of aperiodic structures.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Series in condensed matter physics.

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