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The Sage handbook of African American education / Linda C. Tillman, editor.


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Publication date:
Los Angeles : Sage, c2009.
  • Book
  • xxiv, 559 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Title Variation:
Handbook of African American education
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Editor's Introduction - Linda C. Tillman Introduction - Gloria J. Ladson-Billings Section I: The Education of Black Folk: Historical Perspectives Introduction - Derrick P. Alridge and V. P. Franklin 1. To Gain and to Lose: The Loving School and the African American Struggle for Education in Columbus, Ohio, 1831-1882 - Adah Ward Randolph 2. African American Educators and the Black Intellectual Tradition - Derrick P. Alridge 3. "They Rose or Fell Together": African American Educators and Community Leadership, 1795-1954 - V. P. Franklin 4. The History of Black Women Graduate Students, 1921-1948 - Linda M. Perkins 5. Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Dissolution of Black State Teachers Associations, 1954-1970 - Michael Fultz Section II: The Landscape of Teaching and Learning for African Americans in U.S. Schooling Introduction - Jacqueline Jordan Irvine 6. Identity, Agency, and Culture: Black Achievement and Educational Attainment - Peter C. Murrell Jr 7. Cultural Community Practices as Urban Classroom Resources - Yolanda J. Majors and Sana Ansari 8. Preparing Teachers of African American Students in Urban Schools - H. Richard Milner IV 9. African American Teachers' Caring Behaviors: The Difference Makes a Difference - Mari Ann Roberts and Jacqueline Jordan Irvine 10. After "It Takes A Village": Mapping the Terrain of Black Parental Involvement in the Post-Brown Era - Cheryl Fields-Smith Section III: African American Leaders in PK-12 Educational Leadership Introduction - Linda C. Tillman 11. African American Principals and the Legacy of Brown - Linda C. Tillman 12. Leadership Challenges in K-12 Urban Education: Prospective African American Administrators' Views on Educating African American Students and Closing the Achievement Gap - Robert Cooper and Will J. Jordan 13. The Confluence of Race, Gender, and Generation in the Lives of African American Women Principals - Tondra L. Loder-Jackson 14. Race, Law, and Leadership: Exploring the Interest-Convergence Dilemma - Mark A. Gooden 15. African American Superintendents in Public School Districts - Kay Lovelace Taylor and Linda C. Tillman Section IV: African Americans in Higher Education Introduction - Kofi Lomotey 16. Exclusions and Illusions: Rethinking the Mysterious UC Admissions Process that Disadvantages Deserving African American Students - Eddie Comeaux and Walter R. Allen 17. Hip Hop: A Source of Empowerment for African American Male College Students - Jon A. Yasin 18. Campuswide Climate: Implications for African American Students - William A. Smith 19. Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Catalysts to Liberation? - Kofi Lomotey and Sessi S. F. Aboh 20. The Power of Pathways: Strategies for the Preparation of African American Faculty - Lynette L. Danley, Roderic R. Land, and Kofi Lomotey Section V: Current Issues: Theory and Research on the Participation of African Americans in U.S. Education Introduction - Gwendolyn Cartledge 21. Critical Race Studies in Education and the "Endarkened" Wisdom of Carter G. Woodson - Marvin Lynn and Thurman L. Bridges III 22. Educating and Counseling African American Students: Recommendations for Teachers and School Counselors - James L. Moore III and Delila Owens 23. The Education of African American Students in Charter Schools: Four Case Studies - Carol E. Malloy and Richard Noble III 24. Disproportionality of African American Children in Special Education: Definition and Dimensions - Gwendolyn Cartledge and Charles Dukes 25. Toward Understanding African American Males and K-12 Education - James Earl Davis Section VI: African Americans Shaping Educational Policy? Introduction - Jennifer Beaumont 26. Creating Opportunities for Educational Success: Oral Histories of Four African Americans Shaping Education Policy - Jennifer Beaumont 27. Realities and Responsibilities in the Education Village - Eric J. Cooper 28. Creating a New Model of Education for African-American Children: Mobilizing Stakeholder Partners in Service to Sustained Academic Success - Sabrina Hope King and Nancy M. Cardwell 29. Beyond Segregation: The Continuing Struggle for Educational Equity 50 Years After Brown v. Board of Education - Sheilah D. Vance 30. Educating Black Youth for Economic Empowerment: Democratic Economic Participation and School Reform Practices and Policies - Jessica Gordon Nembhard Epilogue: Black Education Post-Katrina: And All Us We Are Not Saved - Joyce Elaine King Appendix: Graduate School Programs to Prepare Future Faculty of Color - Lynette L. Danley, Roderic R. Land, and Kofi Lomotey.
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Publisher's Summary:
"The Handbook of African American Education" reflects historical and current perspectives on African Americans in secondary and post-secondary education. Its content promotes inquiry and development of questions, ideas and dialogue about critical practice, theory, and research about African Americans in the United States educational system. "The Handbook" serves as a comprehensive collection of scholarship that presents theoretical and empirical work on historical perspectives, teaching and learning, secondary school leadership, higher education, current issues, and education policy. This comprehensive body of work will also make significant contributions to the scholarship on African Americans in the broad context of United States education and society.
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Tillman, Linda C.

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