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International handbook of Catholic education [electronic resource] : challenges for school systems in the 21st century / edited by Gerald Grace and Joseph O'Keefe.



Publication date:
Dordrecht : Springer, c2007.
  • Book
  • 2 v. (xviii, 906 p.) : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • VOL 1: THE AMERICAS AND EUROPE - Preface - Acknowledgments - List of contributors -- 1. Introduction: Catholic schools facing the challenges of the 21st Century: an overview --PART 1: CHALLENGES FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLING IN THE USA AND CANADA -- 2. No Margin, No Mission: Challenges for Catholic Urban Schools in the USA -- 3. Challenges to Faith Formation in Contemporary Catholic Schooling in the USA: Problem and Response -- 4. Developments in Catholic Schools in the USA: Politics, Policy and Prophecy -- 5. Contemporary challenges to the Recruitment, Formation and Retention of Catholic School Leadership in the USA -- 6. Beyond Religious Congregations: Responding to new Challenges in Catholic Education - 7. Challenges for Catholic Schools in Canada -- PART 2. CHALLENGES FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLING IN LATIN AMERICA - 8. Secularization: challenges for Catholic schools in Uruguay - 9. A Theological-Pedagogical Turning Point in Latin America: A new way of being school in Brazil - 10. Catholic schools in Peru: Elites, the Poor and the Challenges of Neo-Liberalism - 11. The Catholic School in the Context of Inequality: the case of Chile - 12. Catholic education, State and Civil Society in Argentina - PART 3: CHALLENGES FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS IN EUROPE - 13. Catholic Education at the Crossroads: issues facing Catholic schools in Northern Ireland - 14. Catholic schools in England and Wales: new challenges - 15. Celebrating the Past: Claiming the Future, challenges for Catholic education in Ireland - 16. The Education Battle: the Role of the Catholic Church in the Spanish Education System - 17. Contemporary Political Relations of Catholic Education: Challenges for Catholic schools in Portugal - 18. Catholic Schooling in France: Understanding 'la guerre scolaire' - 19.A New Paradigm for Catholic Religious Education: Challenges in Belgium - 20. Catholic education in the Netherlands in search of a new approach - 21. Secularisation and Catholic Education in Scotland - 22. Catholic Schooling and the Changing Role of Women: Perspectives from Malta - 23. The Catholic School System in Italy: challenges, responses and research - 24. Challenges facing Catholic Schools: A View from Rome - 25. Contemporary Challenges for Catholic Schools in Germany - 26. Challenges for Catholic Schools in Poland - 27. Religious Congregations at work in education with special reference to Belgium -- VOL 2: AFRICA, THE MIDDLE EAST, ASIA AND AUSTRALASIA - PART 1: CHALLENGES FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLING IN AFRICA - 28. Catholic Church and State Relations in Zambian Education: a contemporary analysis - 29. A Beacon of Hope: Catholic Schooling in South Africa and Lesotho - 30. Catholic Schooling: the responses of Malawian Students - 31.The Challenges of Curriculum in Kenya's Primary and Secondary Education: the response of the Catholic Church - 32. Catholic Education in Ethiopia: challenges and prospects -- PART 2: CHALLENGES FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLING IN INDIA AND THE MIDDLE EAST -- 33. Catholic Education and the Church's Concern for the Marginalized: a view from India - 34.Contemporary Challenges to Faith Formation in Indian Catholic Schooling - 35. Catholic Education in India: challenge, response and research - 36. Schooling and Catechesis in the Holy Land: challenges and responses - PART 3: CHALLENGES FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLING IN THE PHILIPPINES, AND THAILAND - 37. Catholic Schools in the Philippines: beacons of hope in Asia - 38.Ethics, Moral and Social Responsibility: the Formation of Students: contemporary challenges for Catholic Schools in Thailand - 39. Challenges for the schools of the Sisters of St Paul of Chartres in Thailand - PART 4: CHALLENGES FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS IN HONG KONG AND JAPAN - 40. Challenges for Catholic Schooling in Hong Kong - 41. Catholic Schools in Japan: Context and Contemporary Challenges - PART 5: CHALLENGES FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND - 42. Challenges for Catholic Education in Australia - 43. Australian Catholic Schools in a Changing Political and Religious Landscape - 44. Religion and Culture: Catholic schools in Australia - 45. Catholic schools in New Zealand - APPENDIX 1 School statistics for countries represented in the International Handbook - APPENDIX 2 Numbers of Catholics and priests in the countries represented in the International Handbook -- Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
The Catholic school system is the largest faith-based educational network in the world, with 120,000 schools and over 1,000 colleges and universities working in partnership with them. With growing international interest in the significance of faith-based educational systems worldwide, this is an appropriate time to focus upon the Catholic system as the largest of these. Knowledge of Catholic educational scholarship and research has been largely confined to specific national settings. Now is the time to bring together this scholarship in an international Handbook reflecting the fact that the Catholic Church is an international organisation and that its various educational systems can learn from each other. The unifying theme of the Handbook will be 'Catholic Education: challenges and responses' in a number of international settings. The analytical focus will be problem orientated in examining church-state relations, the consequences of globalisation, the impact of secularisation, the extent of Vatican II transformations of educational policy and practice, issues of school leadership and governance and other contemporary challenges. At the same time an examination will be undertaken of the various responses which are being made to these challenges. The two volumes will be organized by geography. This publication will be of value not only to Catholic educators but also to all educators, researchers, policy-makers and school leaders interested in the international dimension of education and in the impact of globalisation upon educational systems.
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Also available in print.
Electronic reproduction. UK : MyiLibrary, 2008.
Grace, Gerald Rupert.
O'Keefe, Joseph.
MyiLibrary, Ltd.
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Original. (OCoLC)ocm85898624 (bnb)GBA721339 9781402048043
International handbooks of religion and education ; v. 2

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