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"How we're going about it" : teachers' voices on innovative approaches to teaching and learning languages / edited by Melinda Dooly and Diana Eastment.


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Publication date:
Newcastle, UK : Cambridge Scholars Pub., 2008.
  • Book
  • viii, 300 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
Publisher's Summary:
"How we're going about it" provides a space for teachers' voices in the nexus between research and practice by outlining specific cases of innovative approaches to language teaching and learning as they have been applied in the classroom. The volume includes descriptions of some of the most representative recent work and practice in the field while at the same time covering a wide geographic scope.The case descriptions help synthesize research and teaching practice in a way that is accessible to busy teachers, teacher trainers or anyone interested in language development. Each chapter focuses on a similar approach taken by teachers and researchers from different countries and while the book contains contributions from some well-known authors, it also includes contributions from lesser-known practitioners who merit recognition of their innovative practices.This book is an important contribution to language teaching and learning for several reasons. It deals with educational innovation at various levels of education (young learners, primary, secondary, tertiary); it deals with perspectives from different areas of Europe and beyond; and it provides examples of grass-roots experiences being carried out by real teachers in real classrooms and is honest about the problems faced when implementing educational changes. It is therefore a book about authentic experiences with both a theoretical and problem-solving base, experiences which in turn make an important contribution to the underlying theories described herein.
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Dooly, Melinda.
Eastment, Diana.

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