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Fantastic realities : 49 mind journeys and a trip to Stockholm / Frank Wilczek, with a contribution from Betsy Devine.



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Wilczek, Frank.
Publication date:
New Jersey : World Scientific, c2006.
  • Book
  • ix, 522 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Constructing this world, and others. The world's numerical recipe ; Analysis and synthesis 1: What matters for matter ; Analysis and synthesis 2: Universal characteristics ; Analysis and synthesis 3: Cosmic groundwork ; Analysis and synthesis 4: Limits and supplements.
  • Musing on mechanics. Whence the force of F =ma? 1: Culture shock ; Whence the force of F =ma? 2: Rationalization ; Whence the force of F =ma? 3: Cultural diversity.
  • Making light of mass. The origin of mass ; Mass without mass 1: Most of matter ; Mass without mass 2: The medium is the mass-age.
  • QCD exposed. QCD made simple ; 10¹² degrees in the shade ; Back to basics at ultrahigh temperatures.
  • Breathless at the heights. Scaling Mount Planck 1: A view from the bottom ; Scaling Mount Planck 2: Base camp ; Scaling Mount Planck 3: Is that all there is?
  • At sea in the depths. What is quantum theory? ; Total relativity: Mach 2004 ; Life's parameters.
  • Once and future history. The Dirac equation ; Fermi and the elucidation of matter ; The standard model transcended ; Masses and molasses ; In search of symmetry lost ; From 'Not wrong' to (maybe) right ; Unification of couplings.
  • Methods of our madness. The social benefit of high energy physics ; When words fail ; Why are there analogies between condensed matter and particle theory? ; The persistence of ether ; Reaching bottom, laying foundations.
  • Inspired, irritated, inspired. What did Bohr do? ; Dreams of a final theory ; Shadows of the mind ; The inflationary universe ; Is the sky made from Pi?
  • Big ideas. Quantum field theory ; Some basic aspects of fractional quantum numbers.
  • Grand occasions. From concept to reality to vision ; Nobel biography ; Asymptotic freedom: from paradox to paradigm ; Advice to students.
  • Breaking into verse. Virtual particles ; Gluon rap ; Reply in sonnet form ; From beneath an e-avalanche ; Frog sonnet ; Archaeopteryx.
  • Another dimension. Nobel blog: a year in the life.
Devine, Betsy.

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