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The universe in X-rays / Joachim E. Trümper, Günther Hasinger (eds.).



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Publication date:
Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2008.
  • Book
  • xix, 496 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
"With 237 figures, 40 in color and 19 tables."
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Overview.- Proportional Counters.- Scintillation Counters.- Imaging Proportional counters.- Aperture Modulation Telescopes.- Wolter Optics.- CCD Detectors.- High Resolution Spectroscopy.- Part I Galactic X--Ray Astronomy.- Solar System Objects.- Nuclear Burning Stars.- White Dwarfs.- X-ray Emission of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects.- Classical novae.- Pulsars and Isolated Neutron Stars.- Accreting Neutron Stars.- Black-Hole Binaries.- X-ray Studies of Supernovae and Supernova Remnants.- The Interstellar Medium.- The Galactic Center.- Part II Extragalactic X--Ray Astronomy.- X-Rays from Nearby Galaxies.- X--Ray Flares in the Cores of Galaxies.- Active Galactic Nuclei.- X-ray Studies of Clusters of Galaxies.- Gamma-Ray Bursts.- Cosmic X--ray Background.- Part III The Future.- Appendix: More information about X--ray missions.- Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
In the last 45 years, X-ray astronomy has become an integral part of modern astrophysics and cosmology. There is a wide range of astrophysical objects and phenomena, where X-rays provide crucial diagnostics. In particular they are well suited to study hot plasmas and matter under extreme physical conditions in compact objects. This book summarizes the present status of X-ray astronomy in terms of observational results and their astrophysical interpretation. It is written for students, astrophysicists as well as the growing community of physicists interested in the field.An introduction including historical material is followed by chapters on X-ray astronomical instrumentation. The next two parts summarize in 17 chapters the present knowledge on various classes of X-ray sources in the galactic and extragalactic realm. While the X-ray astronomical highlights discussed in this book are mainly based on results from ROSAT, ASCA, RXTE, BeppoSAX, Chandra and XMM-Newton, a final chapter provides an outlook on observational capabilities and projects discussed for the future.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Truemper, J. (Joachim), 1933-
Hasinger, Günther.
Astronomy and astrophysics library, 0941-7834
Astronomy and astrophysics library.

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