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Mathematical modelling in animal nutrition / edited by James France and Ermias Kebreab.


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Publication date:
Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK ; Cambridge, MA : CABI, c2008.
  • Book
  • xiii, 574 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • * Linear Models for Determining Digestibility-- * Nonlinear Functions in Animal Nutrition-- * Interesting Simple Dynamic Growth Models-- * The Dilemma in Models of Intake Regulation: Mechanistic or Empirical-- * Models to Measure and Interpret Exchange of Metabolites Across the Capillary Bed of Intact Organs-- * Modelling Methane Emissions from Farm Livestock-- * Supporting Measurements Required for Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions-- * Models for Enteric Fermentation and Stored Animal Manure-- * Data Capture: Development of a Mobile Open-Circuit Ventilated Hood System for Measuring Real- time gaseous emissions in cattle-- * Efficiency of Amino Acid Utilization in Simple-Stomached Animals and Humans: A Modelling Approach-- * Compartmental Models of Protein Turnover to Resolve Isotope Dilution Data-- * Assessment of Protein and Amino Acid Requirements in Adult Mammals, with Specific Focus on Cats, Dogs, and Rabbits-- * Mathematical Representation of the Partitioning of Retained Energy in the Growing Pig-- * Aspects of Energy Metabolism and Energy Partitioning in Broiler Chickens. * Modelling Phosphorus Metabolism-- * Methodological Considerations for Measuring Phosphorus Utilization in Pigs-- * The Prediction of the Consequences of Pathogen Challenges on the Performance of Growing Pigs-- * Factors Regulating Feed Efficiency and Nutrient Utilization in Beef Cattle-- * Models of Nutrient Utilization by Fish and Potential Applications for Fish Culture Operations-- * Integrated Approaches to Evaluate Nutritional Strategies for Dairy Cows-- * Modelling Lactation Potential in an Animal Model-- * The Diary of Molly-- * Modelling Sugarcane Utilization by Dairy Cows in the Tropics-- * Simulation Exercises for Animal Science MSc Students: Rumen Digestion and Pig Growth.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)
Publisher's Summary:
Mathematical modelling is increasingly applicable to the practical sciences. Here, mathematical approaches are applied to the study of mechanisms of digestion and metabolism in primary animal species. Farmed animals - ruminants, pigs, poultry and fish are comprehensively covered, as well as sections on companion animals. Common themes between species, such as energy and amino acid metabolism, are explored with a worldwide approach. Leading researchers from around the world have contributed to France and Kebreab's volume to provide an integrated approach to mathematical modelling in animal nutrition.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
France, J.
Kebreab, E.

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