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The handbook of experiential learning and management education / edited by Michael Reynolds and Russ Vince.


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Publication date:
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
  • Book
  • xiv, 451 p. : ill ; 26 cm.
Title Variation:
Experiential learning and management education
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Introduction: Experiential Learning and Management Education: Key Themes and Future Directions-- PART I: FUNDAMENTAL IDEAS AND THEORETICAL DEVELOPMENTS IN EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING-- 1. Double-Loop Learning in a Classroom Setting-- 2. A Good Place for a CHAT: Activity Theory and MBA Education-- 3. Learning About and Through Experience: Understanding the Power of Experience-Based Education-- 4. Aesthetics in Teaching Organization Studies-- PART II: THE DIVERSITY OF CLASSROOM EXPERIENCE-- 5. Experiential Learning withoutWork Experience: Reflecting on Studying as 'Practical Activity'-- 6. Making a Drama out of a Crisis? 'Performative Learning' in the Police Service-- 7. Experiential Learning in the On-Line Environment: Enhancing On-Line Teaching and Learning-- 8. Implementing Experiential Learning: It's not Rocket Science-- PART III: POLITICALLY GROUNDED EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING-- 9. Tales of Ordinary Leadership: A Feminist Approach to Experiential Learning-- 10. Theatre in Management and Organization Development: A Critique of Current Trends-- 11. Wilderness Experience in Education for Ecology-- 12. Blue-Eyed Girl? Jane Elliott>'s Experiential Learning and Anti-racism-- 13. Choosing Experiential Methods for Management Education: The Fit of Action Learning and Problem-Based Learning-- PART IV: EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING AND SYSTEMS PSYCHODYNAMICS-- 14. Pictures from below the Surface of the University: The Social Photo-Matrix as a Method for Understanding Organizations in Depth-- 15. Becoming Better Consultants through Varieties of Experiential Learning-- 16. Balancing the On-Line Teaching of Critical Experiential Design: A Cautionary Tale of Parallel Process-- 17. Integrating Experiential Learning through 'Live' Projects: A Psychodynamic Account-- PART V: DOCTORAL STUDENTS' EXPERIENCE OF LEARNING-- 18. Experiencing Scholarly Writing through a Collaborative Course Project: Reviewing Some of the Literature on the Learning Organization-- 19. Experiencing a Collective Model of Doctoral Research Supervision-- 20. Drawings as a Link to Emotional Data: A Slippery Territory-- PART VI: CRITICALL FOCUSED EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING-- 21. Power and Experience: Emancipation through Guided Leadership Narratives-- 22. Work Orientations and Managerial Practices: An Experiential and Theoretical Learning Event-- 23. Maximum Disorder:Working Experientially with HRM and Business Studies Undergraduates-- 24. Working with Experiential Learning: A Critical Perspective in Practice-- Conclusion: Institutional Barriers to Experiential Learning Revisited.
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Publisher's Summary:
While Experiential Learning has been an influential methods in the education and development of managers and management students, it has also been one of the most misunderstood. This Handbook offers the reader a comprehensive picture of current thinking on experiential learning; ideas and examples of experiential learning in practice; and it emphasises the importance of experiential learning to the future of management education. Contributors include: Chris Argyris, Joseph Champoux, D. Christopher Kayes, Ruth Colquhoun, John Coopey, Nelarine Cornelius, Elizabeth L. Creese, Gordon Dehler, Andrea Ellinger, Meretta Elliott, Silvia Gherardi, Jeff Gold, Steve G. Green, Kurt Heppard, Anne Herbert, Robin Holt, Martin J. Hornyak, Paula Hyde, Tusse Sidenius Jensen, Sandra Jones, Anna Kayes, Kirsi Korpiaho, Tracy Lamping, Enrico Maria Piras, Amar Mistry, Dale Murray, Jean Neumann, Barbara Poggio, Keijo Rasanen, Peter Reason, Michael Reynolds, Clare Rigg, Bente Rugaard Thorsen, Burkard Sievers, Stephen Smith, Sari Stenfors, Antonio Strati, Elaine Swan, Jane Thompson, Richard Thorpe, Kiran Trehan, Russ Vince, Jane Rohde Voight, Tony Watson, and Ann Welsh.
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Reynolds, Michael, 1939-
Vince, Russ.

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