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Searching for the superworld : a volume in honor of Antonino Zichichi on the occasion of the sixth centenary celebrations of the University of Turin, Italy / editors, Sergio Ferrara, Rudolf M. Mössbauer.


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Publication date:
Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific, c2007.
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • xi, 525 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Introductory Papers: The Running of Gaugino Masses, the Gap and the Single-Photon Final States in the Search for the Superworld (R M Mossbauer)-- Supersymmetry, Superspace and the Superworld (M J Duff & S Ferrara)-- Part A: The Evolution of Gaugino Masses and the SUSY Threshold (F Anselmo et al.)-- Analytic Study of the Supersymmetry-Breaking Scale at Two Loops (F Anselmo et al.)-- Where We Stand with the Real Superworld (A Zichichi)-- A Search for Exact Superstring Vacua (A Peterman & A Zichichi)-- Part B: Troubles with the Minimal SU(5) Supergravity Model (J L Lopez et al.)-- Supersymmetry Tests at Fermilab: A Proposal (J L Lopez et al.)-- Towards a Unified String Supergravity Model (J L Lopez et al.)-- Constraints on No-Scale Supergravity Models (S Kelley et al.)-- String No-Scale Supergravity Model and Its Experimental Consequences (J L Lopez et al.)-- Light-Gravitino Production at Hadron Colliders (J Kim et al.)-- and other papers.
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Publisher's Summary:
The "Superworld" is a subject of formidable interest for the immediate future of subnuclear physics to which Zichichi has contributed with a series of important papers of phenomenological and theoretical nature. These papers represent a must-have collection, not only for their originality but also for their complete analysis of expected scenarios on the basis of today's knowledge of physics. The contributions are divided into two parts. The first deals with the problem of the convergence of the three fundamental forces of nature measured by the gauge couplings, with the onset of the energy threshold for the production of the lightest supersymmetric particles and with the existence of a gap between the string scale and the GUT scale.The second deals with the study of a theoretical model capable of including supersymmetry with the minimum number of parameters (possibly one), and agreeing with all the conditions established by string theories - this turns out to be a "one-parameter no-scale supergravity" model whose experimental consequences are investigated for present and future facilities aimed at the discovery of the first example of the superparticle. Sergio Ferrara and Michael Duff, two of the founders of supergravity, superstring and M-theories, introduce the fascinating subject of supersymmetry, superspace and the superworld; the presentation of the seminal papers by Zichichi and his collaborators is made by two eminent physicists: Rudolf Mossbauer and Sergio Ferrara.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Zichichi, Antonino.
Ferrara, S.
Mössbauer, Rudolf M.
Università di Torino.
World Scientific series in 20th century physics ; v. 39.

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