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Narrow gap semiconductors : proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Narrow Gap Semiconductors, Toulouse, France, 3-7 July 2005 / edited by J. Kono and J. Leotin.


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International Conference on Narrow-Gap Semiconductors and Related Materials (12th : 2005 : Toulouse, France)
Publication date:
New York : Taylor & Francis, c2006.
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • xxi, 613 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • PART I: SPIN-RELATED PHENOMENA Ferromagnetism in narrow gap semiconductors Growth, magnetic and transport studies of GaSb-based ferromagnetic semiconductors (Eu, Gd)Te ferromagnetic semiconductor layers-MBE growth, magnetic and structural characterization Electrical and magnetic characterization of impurity states in diluted magnetic semiconductors Pb1-xGexTe:Cr Omnidirectional spin lifetime enhancement for spin device applications Side-gate control of Rashba spin-orbit interaction in channels at narrow gap hetero-junctions Kinetic and zero electric field confinement and Rashba splitting in gated HgCdTe accumulation layers Spin splitting in Ga1-xAlxAs parabolic quantum wells controlled by electric field Anomalous spin splitting of shallow donor bound electrons in InAs-based heterostructures under electrical injection conditions Investigation of electron spin states in InGaAs/InAlAs and InGaSb/InAlSb heterostructures Weak anti-localization in Sn-doped InSb thin film layers on GaAs(100) substrates Determining the spin Hall conductance via charge current and noise PART II: GROWTH, FABRICATION, CHARACTERIZATION, AND THEORY InSb/InAs type II quantum structures for mid-IR laser applications Sb-based nanostructures for mid-IR applications Phonons in InGaAs/AlGaAs quantum dot superlattices: a Raman study Electronic Raman scattering in self-organized InAs quantum dot structures Selection-rule breaking of Raman scattering in InSb thin films grown on GaAs(001) Influence of growth conditions on optical and electrical properties of MOVPE-grown InAs1-xSbx InSb, InAs and In2O3 nanowires grown by vapor transport with aid of FIB Ga ions Electrical and optical properties of hydrogen-passivated GaSb Spectral study of persistent photoconductivity in InAs/A1Sb QW heterostructures Room-temperature electroluminescence of A1Sb/INAs1-xSbx quantum wells grown by MOVPE Application of quantum cascade lasers for cyclotron resonance measurements in InAsxSb1-x alloys Quantum transport in the accumulation layer at InSb/GaAs(100) hetero-interface Optical deformation potentials for PbSe and PbTe Deformation potentials of a semimetal-- intersubband transitions in HgTe/HgCdTe superlattices Magnetic contribution to the specific heat of IV-VI semimagnetic semiconductors Peculiarities of conductivity of PbSnTe(In) in the persistent photoconductivity regime Oscillator parameters of PbTe Gallium-induced resonant states in Pb1-xSnxTe:Ga under pressure Electrical properties of n-layers of narrow gap semiconductors formed by low energy ion beam milling Pump-probe measurement of lifetime engineering in far-infrared SiGe quantum wells Intersubband transitions in GaP-AlP heterostructures for infrared applications Transport characteristics of In1-xGaxN films by MOVPE Influence of indium on the vibrational modes of dilute narrow band gap GaNAs alloys Variable range hopping transport in narrow-gap semiconducting partially filled skutterudites. Raman scattering study of the lattice dynamics of the narrow-gap semiconducting alkaline-earth disilicide Hall effect in the variable range hopping regime in CulnSe2 PART III: CARBON NANOTUBES Carbon nanotubes as narrow gap semiconducting materials Theory of the Aharonov-Bohm effect in carbon nanotubes Unconventional magnetotransport phenomena in individual carbon nanotubes Dynamic magnetic alignment of single-walled carbon nanotubes in megagauss fields Nano-space transport in crossed multi-walled carbon nanotubes Magneto-optical study of Aharonov-Bohm effect on second subbands in single-walled carbon nanotubes Pressure dependence of Raman modes in DWCNT filled with 1D nanocrystalline PbI2 semiconductor PART IV: IR AND THz EMITTERS Quantum cascade lasers: current technology and future goals Antimonide quantum cascade lasers for the 3-5 A m wavelength range Buried waveguide structures in THz quantum cascade lasers Fabry-Perot and distributed-feedback mid-infrared "W" diode lasers Mid-infrared emission from 100% spin-polarized states in IV-VI verticalcavity surface-emitting lasers Low threshold 2.37A m InGaAsSb/GaSb QW lasers: towards the ideal quantum well laser? Comparative study of AlGaAsSb/GaInAsSb multiple quantum wells lasers in the wavelength range between 2 and 3 A m Optimization of the indium and nitrogen concentration for long-wavelength emission of InxGa1-xAs1-yNy lasers Effects of strain and nonparabolicity on optical gain and threshold current in mid-IR InxGa1-xAsySb1-y /Al0.35Ga0.65As0.03Sb0.97 quantum well lasers Electroluminescence studies of laser heterostructures with InSb quantum dot active region Near infrared intersubband transitions in delta-doped InAs/AlSb multiquantum wells The temperature dependence of photoluminescence and IR photoconductivity in InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot heterostructures Parametric generation of mid IR radiation in GaAs/InGaAs/InGaP lasers and waveguides Terahertz radiation from InAs, InGaAs and InSb excited by femtosecond optical pulses at wavelengths of 800 and 1560 nm Stimulated emission of optically pumped CdxHg1-xTe films in the range 3-5 A m at 77 K PART V: IR AND THz DETECTORS, ELECTRONIC DEVICES, AND MESOSCOPIC STRUCTURES Physics and applications of InAs/(GaIn)Sb short period superlattices Recent results on SOFRADIR HgCdTe detectors A superlattice infrared photodetector operating at room temperature in the 3-5 A m wavelength domain Study on an up-conversion quantum-well infrared photodetector integrated with a light-emitting diode Study on lifted-off quantum well infrared photodetector Narrow spectral band monolithic lead-chalcogenide-on-Si mid-IR photodetectors Progress towards a mid-infrared single photon source Electron transport in InAs field effect and mesoscopic devices The quasi-rectangular quantum well for high electron mobility transistors (HEMT) Nanowire magnetic memory cell Measurements of magnetic domain-wall velocity detected by local Hall effect Mesoscopic spin-dependent ballistic transport in InSb- and InAs-based heterostructures SGM measurements on a disordered InGaAs QPC PART VI: NONLINEAR DYNAMICS AND ULTRAFAST PHENOMENA Bloch oscillating super-superlattices Trembling motion of electrons in NGS Spin dynamics in dilute nitride semiconductors at room temperature Electron spin relaxation induced by nuclei in quantum dots in time resolved photoluminescence experiments Critical role of mobility in determination of spin relaxation in narrow gap semiconductor quantum wells Time resolved studies of magnetic and non-magnetic narrow-gap semiconductors Carrier population effects on polaron states in InAs-GaAs self-assembled quantum dots PART VII: MAGNETO-TRANSPORT AND MAGNETO-OPTICS Two-dimensional magnetoexcitons in the presence of spin-orbit interactions Magneto-spectroscopy of MIR quantum cascade lasers Electron-phonon interaction in quantum cascade structures probed by Landau level spectroscopy Photocurrents in InAs/AlGaSb quantum wells Electronic continuum states and mid-infrared absorption of InAs/GaAs quantum dots Spin-flip hopping between quantum dots of HgSe:Fe Spin-spin subband Landau-level coupling in InSb quantum wells Cyclotron resonance study of InAs/AlSb qantum well heterostructures Magnetospectroscopy of the double quantum well electron states Coherent magnetic breakdown in 2D hole system at p-GaAs/AlGaAs heterointerface under uniaxial compression Study of multicarrier transport in bulk HgCdTe using 15T pulsed magnetic fields Magneto-transport properties in AlxGa1-xAsySb1-y/InAs quantum wells.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)
Publisher's Summary:
Bringing together researchers from twenty-five countries, "Narrow Gap Semiconductors: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Narrow Gap Semiconductors" discusses the recent advances and discoveries in the science and technology of narrow gap semiconductors (NGS). In particular, it explores the latest findings in the fundamental physics of narrow gap materials and quantum heterostructures as well as device physics, including mid- and far-infrared lasers, detectors, and spintronic devices.This volume forms a solid presentation in several important areas of NGS research, including materials, growth and characterization, fundamental physical phenomena, and devices and applications. It examines the novel material of InAs and its related alloys, heterostructures, and nanostructures as well as more traditional NGS materials such as InSb, PbTe, and HgCdTe. Several chapters cover carbon nanotubes and spintronics, along with spin-orbit coupling, nonparabolicity, and large g-factors. The book also deals with the physics and applications of low-energy phenomena at the infrared and terahertz ranges. Continuing the high-quality tradition of this series, "Narrow Gap Semiconductors" covers all aspects of NGS to offer an authoritative, well-balanced perspective of this evolving field.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Kono, J.
Leotin, J.
Institute of Physics conference series, 0305-2346 ; no. 187.
Institute of Physics conference series ; no. 187.

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