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A century of media, a century of war / Robin Andersen.


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Andersen, Robin.
Publication date:
New York : Peter Lang, c2006.
  • Book
  • xxxi, 350 p. ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. [331]-346) and index.
  • From victory to defeat
  • The Great War and the fight between good and evil : the birth of war propaganda
  • The good fight : from the first draft to the grand narrative
  • The Korean War : remembering the forgotten
  • Vietnam : shattered illusions
  • Eyes wide shut : the not-so-secret wars of Central America and the Caribbean
  • Visions of instability : telling stories on television news
  • The problem of seeing and believing : empathy, denial and war's human costs
  • The office of public diplomacy : creating fear and favor
  • Invading Grenada : Entebbe-style rescue, or the first preemptive strike?
  • Oliver North : the war hero and the scandal
  • Dover Air Force Base, press pools and the Panama invasion
  • The first Persian Gulf war : the battle over access, video game imagery and smart bombs
  • Trading the first amendment to defeat the "Vietnam syndrome"
  • Consuming the Persian Gulf War : from baby incubators to patriot missiles
  • CNN : 24 hours of war
  • How the war was remembered : from Courage under fire to Saving Private Ryan
  • Terrorism, censorship and patriotism : re-scripting victory culture
  • From tragedy to war after 9/11
  • Black Hawk down : the new logics of war and representation
  • The Iraq "reality" war : embeds and militainment
  • The military-entertainment complex : permanent war and the digital spectacular
  • Of smart weapons, civilian casualties and the crimes of war : the whole world (except the United States) is watching
  • The "entertainer-in chief" and the Downing Street memos
  • The unraveling : the ghost of Vietnam and the soldiers "over there."

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