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Landmark speeches of the American conservative movement / edited by Peter Schweizer and Wynton C. Hall.



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Publication date:
1st ed. - College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c2007.
  • Book
  • 169 p. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • "I broke away from the Communist Party" / Whittaker Chambers (1948)
  • "Today we are educated men" / William F. Buckley Jr. (1950)
  • "The time has come" / Everett Dirksen (1964)
  • "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice" / Barry Goldwater (1964)
  • "A time for choosing" / Ronald Reagan (1964)
  • "Is the new morality destroying America?" / Clare Boothe Luce (1978)
  • "The first inaugural" / Ronald Reagan (1981)
  • "Evil empire" / Ronald Reagan (1983)
  • "Child abuse in the classroom" / Phyllis Schlafly (1987)
  • "The controversy ends here" / Barbara Bush (1990)
  • "The contract with America" / Newt Gingrich (1995)
  • "Our mission and our moment" / George W. Bush (2001)
  • "A unipolar world" / Charles Krauthammer (2004).
Publisher's Summary:
As Ronald Reagan declared, the conservative banner is one of bold, unmistakable colors, not "pastel shades." Since World War II, the American conservative movement has changed the colors of the national political landscape. Here, in its own words, is the body of thought and rhetoric that has painted the movement's banner. Award-winning authors Peter Schweizer and Wynton C. Hall have gathered an authoritative collection of speeches representing the modern conservative movement. Beginning with Whittaker Chambers' 1948 testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee and continuing through the speeches of such conservative icons as Barry Goldwater, Bill Buckley, Phyllis Schlafly, Ronald Reagan, and Barbara Bush, the editors assemble an all-star line-up of conservative thought. The thirteen speeches in this volume powerfully capture the principles, images, and causes that constitute modern American conservatism. Drawing on such thinkers as Russell Kirk and Richard M. Weaver, Schweizer and Hall vividly illustrate the ideas that have moved the conservative movement from the margins of society to the citadels of power. An introduction to each speech explains the context in which it was first delivered and notes the impact of each statement on the movement and the nation. The perfect gift for those who value conservativism or seek to understand it, "Landmark Speeches of the American Conservative Movement" offers food for thought and action. For historians, political scientists, and students of public communication, the book is an essential source for the ideas that have shaped American society since 1945.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Schweizer, Peter, 1964-
Hall, Wynton C., 1976-
Landmark speeches.

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