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Addiction : opposing viewpoints / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.


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Publication date:
San Diego, Calif. : Greenhaven Press, c2005.
  • Book
  • 189 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 184-185) and index.
  • Is addiction a serious problem? The Internet is fueling addictions / Brian McCormick
  • The threat of Internet addiction is exaggerated / Jacob Sullum
  • Nicotine addiction harms society / National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • The addictive properties of nicotine are unproven / Dale M. Atrens
  • Compulsive gambling is a national concern / Tom Grey
  • The dangers of compulsive gambling are exaggerated / Steve Chapman. What factors contribute to addiction? Addiction is a brain disease / Alan I. Leshner
  • Addiction is not a disease / Jeffrey A. Schaler
  • Marijuana is a gateway to other addictive drugs / Kenneth M. Sunamoto
  • Marijuana is not a gateway to other addictive drugs / Mitch Earleywine
  • Genetic factors contribute to addiction / Ernest P. Noble
  • Genetic and environmental factors contribute to addiction / Judy Shepps Battle. What are the most effective treatments for addiction? Twelve-step programs are an effective treatment for addiction / Krista Conger
  • Twelve-step programs are inadequate to treat addiction / Maia Szalavitz
  • Spirituality can help those trying to recover from addiction / National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse
  • The importance of spirituality in addiction recovery is exaggerated / Kevin Courcey
  • Methadone maintenance is an effective treatment for heroin addiction / Sharon Stancliff
  • Methadone maintenance programs are abused by heroin addicts / I.E. Hawksworth
  • Some problem drinkers can drink in moderation / Sally L. Satel
  • Problem drinkers cannot drink in moderation / Mike Harden. How should the government deal with addiction? Internet gambling should be banned / Richard Blumenthal
  • Internet gambling should not be banned / Fred E. Foldvary
  • Drug laws decrease addiction / John P. Walters
  • Drug laws increase addiction / Adam Gifford
  • Regulating alcohol advertising will reduce alcohol abuse / Jean Kilbourne
  • Regulating alcohol advertising will not reduce alcohol abuse / Advertising Association.
Gerdes, Louise I., 1953-
Opposing viewpoints series
Opposing viewpoints series (Unnumbered)

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