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Proposals that work : a guide for planning dissertations and grant proposals / Lawrence F. Locke, Waneen Wyrick Spirduso, Stephen J. Silverman.


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Locke, Lawrence F.
Publication date:
5th ed. - Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2007.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • PART I: WRITING THE PROPOSAL CHAPTER 1. The Function of the Proposal Function Regulations Governing Proposals General Considerations General Format Specific Tasks Completing the Tasks: The Proposal and the Report CHAPTER 2. Doing the Right Thing: "The Habit of Truth" Ethics and the Research Process The Ethics of Writing Ethics in Publication Personal and Professional Relationships CHAPTER 3. Developing the Thesis or Dissertation Proposal: Some Common Problems Before the Proposal: First Things First The Sequence of Proposing: From Selecting a Topic to Forming a Committee CHAPTER 4. Content of the Proposal: Important Considerations Reviewing the Literature: Finding It First Reviewing the Literature: Writing the Right Stuff Spadework: The Proper Use of Pilot Studies Murphy's Law: Anticipating the Unexpected Anticipating the Analysis: Do It Now The Statistical Well: Drinking the Greatest Draught The Scientific State of Mind: Proof, Truth, and Rationalized Choices CHAPTER 5. Preparation of Proposals for Qualitative Research: Different Assumptions The Only Constant Is Change Disagreements and Diversity A Brief Description of Qualitative Research Preparing a Proposal for Qualitative Research Resources for Qualitative Research The Decision to Go Qualitative CHAPTER 6. Style and Form in Writing the Proposal Praising, Exhorting, and Polemicizing: Don't Quotations: How to Pick Fruit From the Knowledge Tree Clarity and Precision: Speaking in System Language Editing: The Care and Nurture of a Document In Search of a Title: First Impressions and the Route to Retrieval CHAPTER 7. The Oral Presentation Preparing Content Preparing Materials A Special Note about the Use of PowerPoint Practice and Revision Preparing the Environment Oral Presentation Managing Interaction The Aftermath PART II: MONEY FOR RESEARCH Introduction CHAPTER 8. Money for Research: How to Ask for Help Introduction Money is Available to Support Research Locating the Money Tree Working with the Money Source The Grant Application-The Big Picture Dealing with Rejection Planning and Preparation: Taking the Long View Special Tips (and Encouragement) for Students CHAPTER 9. Preparation of the Grant Proposal Using Planning Models and Flowcharts The Application Letters of Endorsement and Confirmation The Research Plan Appendices Summary PART III: SPECIMEN PROPOSALS Introduction PROPOSAL 1. Experimental Study-Strength Training in Older Women: Does Self-Efficacy Mediate Improvements in Physical Function? PROPOSAL 2. Qualitative Study-Teachers Who Make a Difference: Voices of Mexican American Students PROPOSAL 3. Online Electronic Survey Study-The Nutrition Care Process of Front-line Pediatric HIV Providers PROPOSAL 4. Funded Grant- How Higher Education In Prison Affects Student-Inmates' Social Capital And Conceptions Of Self APPENDIX A: Annotated Bibliography of Supplementary References.
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Publisher's Summary:
Previous editions of this book have helped well over 100,000 students and professionals write effective proposals for dissertations and grants. Covering all aspects of the proposal process, from the most basic questions about form and style to the task of seeking funding, Proposals That Work offers clear advice backed up with excellent examples. In its fifth edition, the authors have integrated a discussion of the effects of new technologies and the Internet on the proposal process with URLs listed where appropriate. In addition, there are new sections covering alternative forms of proposals and dissertations and the role of academic rigor in research. As always, the authors have included a number of specimen proposals, two that are completely new to this edition, to help shed light on the important issues surrounding the writing of proposals. Clear, straightforward, and reader-friendly, Proposals That Work is a must-own for anyone considering writing a proposal for a thesis, a dissertation, or a grant.Key Features:Four example proposals ('specimens') from experimental, qualitative, quasi-experimental, and grant renewal research, each with accompanying commentary and constructive criticismUpdated and expanded information on software and alternative suggestions to cover the wide range of resources available and used. aaFull chapters devoted to ethics, common mistakes in proposal writing, funding, the qualitative research proposal, and much more.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Spirduso, Waneen Wyrick.
Silverman, Stephen J.

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