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Medieval literary and historical manuscripts in the Cotton Collection, British Library, London [microform].


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Beginning date:
Ending date:
Brighton, Sussex, England : Harvester Microform ; Reading, Berkshire, [England] ; Woodbridge, CT : Research Publications, Primary Source Microfilm , 1986-1989.
  • Book, Microformat
  • 123 reels ; 35 mm. + guides.
Title Variation:
Title on box: Medieval literary and historical ms. in the Cotton Collection, British Library, London
Former Title:
Title on some boxes: Medieval literary and historical mss. in the Cotton Collection, British Library, London
First published in 1986 by Harvester Press Microform Publications Ltd., and copyright, Harvester Press Microform Publications Ltd., 1986 and the British Library, London. Imprint varies: Pt. 5-7 published by Research Publications. Each part accompanied by print guide, published by Research Publications (an imprint of Primary Source Media), which reproduces introductory material from first reel of the part.
  • pt. 1, reel 1. A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Cottonian Library
  • pt. 1, reels 2-21. Cotton Julius-Cotton Tiberius
  • pt. 2, reels 22-35. Cotton Caligula-Cotton Claudius
  • pt. 3, reels 36-57. Cotton Nero-Cotton Otho
  • pt. 4, reels 58-71. Cotton Vitellius
  • pt. 5, reels 72-85. Cotton Vespasian
  • pt. 6, reels 86-101. Cotton Titus
  • pt. 7, reels 102-123. Cotton Domitian, Cotton Cleopatra, Cotton Faustina, and Appendix.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631.
British Library. Department of Manuscripts
British Library.

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