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Advanced solid state physics / Philip Phillips.


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Phillips, Philip (Philip W.)
Publication date:
Boulder, CO : Westview Press, c2003.
  • Book
  • xiii, 386 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Preface Noninteracting Electron Gas Born-Oppenheimer Approximation Second Quantization Hartree-Fock Approximation Interacting Electron Gas Local Magnetic Moments in Metal Quenching of Local Moments: The Kondo Problem Screening and Plasmons Bosonization Electron-Lattice Interactions Superconductivity Localization: The Strong, the Weak, and the Defiant Quantum Phase Transitions Quantum Hall Effect-- Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
This is an advanced book on solid state physics with a pedagogical derivation of classic topics that immediately facilitates an examination of modern topics. While some mathematical techniques are present, this book focuses primarily on physics and a clear presentation of the key concepts that underlie such current research problems such as insulator-superconductor transitions and the quantum Hall effect. Second Keypoint: Professor Phillips provides an accurate exploration and solid foundation for students and researchers of this fast-growing field.. Solid state physics continues to be the fastest-growing sub-discipline in physics. This much anticipated new book provides ample background that underpins the principles of solid state physics, and moves quickly to an overview of current research in this fast-moving field. Upper division undergraduates and graduate students in physics who wish to pursue solid state physics research must master old topics, as well as problems of current interest. This book serves that purpose, and fills students' needs. }This is a modern book in solid state physics that should be accessible to anyone who has a working level of solid state physics at the Kittel or Ashcroft/Mermin level. The key point of this book is the development of classic topics in a way that makes it easy to present current topics. The book starts with the non-interacting electron gas and develops in great depth such topics of immense currency as the Kondo problem, Bosonizations, local moments in metals, quantum phase transitions, insulator-superconductor and insulator-metal transitions, and the quantum Hall effect. The presentation of these topics starts from the beginning where no prior knowledge is assumed. Hence, this book should be extremely useful to those seeking an introduction tot he practice of modern solid state physics. }.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)

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