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Handbook of test development / edited by Steven M. Downing, Thomas M. Haladyna.


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Publication date:
Mahwah, N.J. : L. Erlbaum, 2006.
  • Book
  • xii, 778 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Twelve steps for effective test development / Steven M. Downing
  • The standards for educational and psychological testing: guidance in test development / Robert L. Linn
  • Contracting for testing services / E. Roger Trent and Edward Roeber
  • Evidence-centered assessment design / Robert J. Mislevy and Michelle M. Riconscente
  • Item and test development strategies to minimize test fraud / James C. Impara and David Foster
  • Preparing examinees for test taking: guidelines for test developers and test users / Linda Crocker
  • Content-related validity evidence in test development / Michael Kane
  • Identifying content for student achievement tests / Norman L. Webb
  • Determining test content of credentialing examinations / Mark Raymond and Sandra Neustel
  • Standard setting / Gregory J. Cizek
  • Computerized item banking / C. David Vale
  • Selected-response item formats in test development / Steven M. Downing
  • Item and prompt development in performance testing / Catherine Welch
  • Innovative item formats in computer-based testing: in pursuit of improved construct representation / Stephen G. Sireci and April L. Zenisky
  • Item editing and editorial review / Rebecca A. Baranowski
  • Fairness reviews in assessment / Michael Zieky
  • Language issues in item development / Jamal Abedi
  • Anchor-based methods for judgmentally estimating item statistics / Ronald K. Hambleton and Stephen Jirka
  • Item analysis / Samuel A. Livingston
  • Practical issues in designing and maintaining multiple test forms for large-scale programs / Cathy L. W. Wendler and Michael E. Walker
  • Vertical scales / Michael J. Young
  • Developing test forms for small-scale achievement testing systems / Paul Jones, Russell W. Smith, and Diane Talley
  • Designing ability tests / Gale H. Roid
  • Designing computerized adaptive tests / Tim Davey and Mary J. Pitoniak
  • Designing tests for pass-fail decisions using item response theory / Richard M. Luecht
  • Test production effects on validity / Dan
  • Campion and Sherri Miller
  • Test administration / Rose C. McCallin
  • Considerations for the administration of tests to special needs students: accommodations, modifications, and more / Martha L. Thurlow, Sandra J. Thompson, and Sheryl S. Lazarus
  • Practices, issues, and trends in student test score reporting / Joseph M. Ryan
  • Technical reporting and documentation / Douglas F. Becker and Mark R. Pomplun
  • Evaluating tests / Chad W. Buckendahl and Barbara S. Plake
  • Roles and importance of validity studies in test development / Thomas M. Haladyna
  • Epilogue / Cynthia Board Schmeiser.
Publisher's Summary:
Despite the fact that test development is a growth industry that cuts across all levels of education and all the professions, there has never been a comprehensive, research-oriented handbook to which everyone (developers and consumers) can turn for guidance. That is the mission of this book. "The Handbook of Test Development" brings together well-known scholars and test-development practitioners to present chapters on all aspects of test development. Each chapter contributor is not only a recognized expert with an academic and research background in their designated topic, each one has also had hands-on experience in various aspects of test development. This 32-chapter volume is organized into six sections: foundations, content, item development, test design, test production and administration, and post-test activities. The handbook provides extensive treatment of such important but unrecognized topics as contracting for testing services, item banking, designing tests for small testing program, and writing technical reports.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Downing, Steven M.
Haladyna, Thomas M.

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