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English, Russian. Links to publications in English and Russian. Includes transliteration feature.
Beginning date:
Minneapolis, MN : East View Publications.
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  • p. ; cm.
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East View universal databases
Universal databases
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Vol/date range:
Began in 2002?
Title from home page (viewed Mar. 8, 2004).
  • Izvestiia digital archive (DA-IZV)
  • Literaturnaia Gazeta digital archive (DA-LG)
  • Pravda digital archive DA-PRA)-- Kotobarabia Arabic E-Library (EB-KAEL)
  • Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance Collection (EB-KAMAR)
  • Current digest of the Russian press (formerly Current digest of the Post-Soviet press) (UDB-CD)
  • CIS & Baltic Periodicals (UDB-CS)
  • Current digest of the Chinese press (UDB-CDCP)
  • Russian central newspapers (UDB-COM)
  • Social sciences & humanities (UDB-EDU)
  • Governmental publications (UDB-GOV)
  • International affairs (UDB-IA), Individual titles (UDB-IND)
  • Moscow State University Herald (UDB-MGU)
  • Military & Security Periodicals (UDB-MIL)
  • Russian/NIS Newswires (UDB-NEWS)
  • Jiefangjun Bao (PLA Daily) (UDB-PLA) --Russian Regional Newspapers (UDB-REG)
  • Russia/NIS Statistical Publications (UDB-STAT-RUS)
  • Ukrainian Publications (UDB-UKR)
  • Vestnik Evropy (UDB-VE)
  • Voprosy literatury: complete collection (UDB-VL).
  • Russian central newspapers (Universal database of Russian central newspapers)
  • Current digest of the Russian press (formerly Current digest of the Soviet press and Current digest of the Post Soviet press)
  • Social sciences and humanities journals (Universal database of social sciences & humanities)
Access limited to subscribers.
This database provides full text in-depth information from Russia and the former Soviet Union. Resources include newspapers, newswires, popular and scholarly periodicals, and governmentdocuments.
Mode of access: World Wide Web.
East View Publications.
Included Work:
Izvestiia digital archive. Literaturnaia Gazeta digital archive. Pravda digital archive. Kotobarabia Arabic E-Library. Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance Collection Current digest of the Russian press. CIS & Baltic Periodicals. Current digest of the Chinese press. Russian central newspapers. Social sciences & humanities. Governmental publications. International affairs. Individual titles. Voprosy literatury: complete collection. Moscow State University Herald. Military & Security Periodicals. Russian/NIS Newswires. Russia/NIS Statistical Publications. Jiefangjun Bao. PLA daily. Russian Regional Newspapers. Ukrainian Publications. Vestnik Evropy.


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