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Optical and laser diagnostics : first International conference on optical and laser diagnostics held in London, UK, 16-20 December 2002 / edited by C Arcoumanis and KTV Grattan.



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International Conference on Optical and Laser Diagnostics (1st : 2002 : London, England)
Publication date:
Bristol : Institute of Physics., c2003.
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • x, 256 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Preface LASER DIAGNOSTICS Advanced Laser Spectroscopy in Combustion, Catalysis and Medicine J. Wolfrum Local Flame/Flow Characterization in Turbulent Flame Propagation S. Jarvis and G.K. Hargrave Fiber Optic Sensor Arrangements for the Analysis of Flame Propagation in Standard Spark Ignited Multicyclinder Engines E. Winklhofer, C. Beidl, H. Philipp, and W. Piock Planar Lasar-Induced Fluorescence Measurements of Fuel Concentration in a Gasoline Direct Injection Optical Engine S. Gashi, Y. Yan, R.D. Lockett, and C. Acroumanis Acoustic-Optic Frequency Switching for Two-Wavelength Planar Doppler Velocimetry H.D. Ford, D.S. Nobes, and R.P. Tatam An Investigation of Underexpanded Free Jets from Straight Nozzles L.N. Ung and G.K. Hargrave Instantaneous Three-Dimensional Visualization of Concentration Distributions in Turbulent Flows with a Single Laser A. Hoffmann, F. Zimmermann, and C. Schulz Characterization of Drop Impact on Heated Surfaces by Optical Techniques G.E. Cossali, M. Marengo, and M. Santini Time-Resolved Particle Image Velocimetry: Analysis of Random Errors K. Anandarajah, G.K. Hargrave, and N.A. Halliwell A High Power Single-Mode Tunable Laser for Nonlinear Optical Diagnostics in Combustion K. Bultitude and P. Ewart ENGINE-RELATED APPLICATIONS Optical Diagnostics for Internal Combustion Engines H. Zhao Temporal Measurements of Mass Concentration of Soot Aggregates in the Diesel Exhaust by Two-Color Extinction Method T. Kamimoto, T. Nakajima, and Y. Kawashima Characterization of Mixture Distribution and Combustion in a DISI Optical Engine under Late Injection Mode D.-S. Choi, Y. Lee, J. Choi, and C. Bae An Investigation of the Effect of Nozzle Characteristics on Liquid Atomization in a GDI Injector Y.C. Khoo and G.K. Hargrave Development of a Wall Film Thickness Measuring Device R. Lindgren, R. Block, and I. Denbratt Simulating the Effect of Multiple Scattering on Images of Dense Sprays M.C. Jermy, A. Allen, and A.K. Vuorenkoski LASER AND OPTICAL DIAGNOSTICS Optical Diagnostics of Pressure and Temperature Using Laser-Induced Thermal Gratings R. Stevens and P. Ewart Fiber Optical Diagnostics for Structural Condition Monitoring Applications Exemplified in the Millennium Project Y.M. Gebremichael, W. Li, B.T. Meggitt, W.J.O. Boyle, K.T.V. Grattan, B. McKinley, and L.F. Boswell Quantitative NO-LIF Imaging in High-Pressure Flames W.G. Bessler, C. Schulz, T. Lee, D.-I. Shin, M. Hoffman, J.B. Jeffries, J. Wolfrum, and R.K. Hanson Spray Characteristics of a Multi-Hole Injector for Direct Injection Gasoline Engines N. Mitroglou, J.M. Nouri, and C. Arcoumanis Hybrid Optical/Digital Codec for Mitigation of Optical Aberrations S. Mezouari and A.R. Harvey Effect of Chamber Pressure on the Spray Structure from a Swirl Pressure Atomizer for Direct Injection Gasoline Engines J.M. Nouri and J.H. Whitelaw Quantitative Characterization of Diesel Sprays Using Digital Imaging Techniques J. Shao, Y. Yan, G. Greeves, and S. Smith Mobile Laser-Based Optical Triangulation System for the Measurement of Structures S.F. Turner and D.M. Johnson The Interrogation of Multipoint Fiber Optic Sensor Signals Utilizing Artificial Neural Network Pattern Recognition Techniques W.B. Lyons, C. Flanagan, and E. Lewis Fiber Bragg Grating Coupled Fluorescent Optical Fiber Sensors T. Sun, D.I. Forsyth, S.A. Wade, S. Pal, J. Mandal, K.T.V. Grattan, W.D.N. Pritchard, and G. Garnham Phase Response of Nonlinear Medium Induced by Transitions between Excited Energy Levels J.S.M. Addasi Saturation of Dye Solution in Principal Channel by Using Two Light Fields J.S.M. Addasi VELOCITY MEASUREMENTS Particle Image Velocimetry: From Two-Dimensional to Three-Dimensional Velocity Mapping with Holographic Recording, Object Conjugate Reconstruction (OCR) and Optical Correlation N.A. Halliwell Image Fiber Bundle Based 3 Component Planar Doppler Velocimetry D.S. Nobes and R.P. Tatam Optical-Diagnostic Study of Two-Dimensional, Premixed Laminar Flames M. Fairweather and G.K. Hargrave In-Plan Quantification of 3-D Velocities and Turbulence Intensities Using a Flow Visualization Technique A. Ramadan, S. Michelet, K.C. Lee, and M. Yianneskis The Development and Application of Time Resolved PIV at the University of Strathclyde M. Stickland, T. Scanlon, T. Vidinha, W. Dempster, and R. Jaryczewski Velocity Field Measurements in a Non-Premixed, Bluff-Body Burner Using Digital Particle Image Velocimetry G.K. Hargrave, R. Carroni, and H.K. Versteeg 2-D LIF Measurements of Thermo-Acoustic Phenomena in Lean Premixed Flames of a Gas Turbine Combustor S. Schenker, R. Bombach, A. Inauen, W. Kreutner, W. Hubschmid, K. Haffner, C. Motz, B. Schuermans, M. Zajadatz, and C.O. Paschereit High Speed Imaging of Shocked and Detonated Gases D.A. Holder, A.V. Smith, and C.J. Barton An Investigation of the Problem of Multiple Scattering from Seeding Particles in Laser Sheet Studies of Shock Induced Gas Mixing D.A. Holder, M.K. Philpott, and D.L. Youngs BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS PIV Measurements in Large-Scale Cardiovascular Models-The Importance of Dynamic Scaling I. Owen, J.D. Gray, and M.P. Escudier Laser Diagnostics of Dynamics Phenomena in Biological Objects: Model Measurements, Numerical Simulations, and Medical Applications A.V. Priezzhev, K.B. Begun, A.Y. Tyurina, O.E. Fedorova, N.N. Firsov, S.J. Matcher, and I.V. Meglinksi Study of Flow Characteristics and Particle Trajectories in a Model of the Human Upper Airway H.K. Versteeg and G.K. Hargrave Glucose Monitoring Using Laser NIR Spectroscopy V.A. Saetchnikov and E.A. Tcherniavskaia Author Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)
Publisher's Summary:
This volume provides an international perspective on both existing applications and leading-edge research. It discusses the application of techniques to automotive engines, burners, and gas turbines; covers the fundamental structure of flames as revealed by complementary laser techniques; and, explores laser diagnostic techniques used in the biomedical field.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Arcoumanis, Constantine.
Grattan, K. T. V.
Institute of Physics (Great Britain)
Institute of Physics conference series ; no. 177.

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