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Punchlines : the case for racial, ethnic, and gender humor / Leon Rappoport.


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Rappoport, Leon.
Publication date:
Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, 2005.
  • Book
  • xv, 181 p. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. [163]-169) and index.
Publisher's Summary:
Explores how humour by and about minority groups can ease as well as foster social tensions. The concept of ethnic, racial, and gender humour is as sensitive a subject today as it has ever been; and yet at no time in the past have we had such a quantity of this humour circulating throughout society. We can see the power of such content manifested continually in films and stand-up comedy routines, as well as on popular TV sitcoms, where Jewish, black, Asian, Hispanic, and gay characters and topics have seemingly become essential to comic scenarios. Though such humour is often cruel, it can also be a source of pride among minorities, women, and gays. Leon Rappoport's incisive account takes an in-depth look at ethnic, racial, and gender humour, and shows that despite the polarisation that is often apparent in the debates such humour evokes, the most important melting pot may be the one that we enter when we share a laugh at ourselves. This timely work displays ethnic, racial, and gender humour in both its aspects: as an aggressive instrument of prejudice and as a powerful defence against it. Rappoport explores the origins and implications of the various slurs, stereotypes, and obscenities that are typical of this double-edged form of modern comedy, as well as the ways in which irony has been employed by minority figures as a weapon against oppression. Broad in scope and lively in style, Rappoport's volume is enhanced by illustrative jokes and comedy routines, and should keep readers engaged, entertained, and provoked throughout.
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