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Solar magnetic phenomena : proceedings of the 3rd summerschool and workshop held at the Solar Observatory Kanzelhöhe, Kärnten, Austria, August 25-September 5, 2003 / edited by Arnold Hanslmeier, Astrid Veronig and Mauro Messerotti.



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Publication date:
Dordrecht ; Norwell, MA : Springer, c2005.
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • ix, 283 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Preface.- Invited Lectures: Observations of Photosphere and Chromosphere-- C. Denker.- Solar Flares -- Observations and Theory-- B. Vrsnak.- Coronal Mass Ejections and Magnetic Helicity-- L. van Driel-Gesztelyi.- High Energy Radiation from the Sun-- J.C. Brown.- Physics of Solar Prominences-- P. Heinzel and U. Anzer.- Eight Years of SOHO: Some Highlights-- B. Fleck.- Contributed Papers: 2-D Compressible Reconnection Model-- M. Skender and B. Vrsnak.- Waiting Time Distribution of CMEs-- C.-T. Yeh, M.D. Ding and P.F. Chen.- Simultaneous Visible and IR Spectropolarimetry of the Quiet Sun-- I. Dominguez Cerdena, J. Sanchez Almeida and F. Kneer.- A Simple Topological Model of the Bastille Day Flare (July 14, 2000)-- I.V. Oreshina and B.V. Somov.- Spectropolarimetry in a Sunspot Penumbra at High Spatial Resolution-- N. Bello Gonzalez, O. Okunev and F. Kneer.- X-Ray and Ha Emission of the 20 Aug 2002 Flair-- J.Kasparova, M. Karlick, R.A. Schwartz and B.R. Dennis.- Center-to-Limb Variation of Facular Contrast Derived from MLSO RISE/PSPT Full Disk Images-- F.L. Vogler.- The Acceleration-Velocity Relationship in5000 LASCO-CME's-- D. Ruzdjak, B. Vrsnak and D. Sudar.- Time Evolution of the Spectral Index in Solar Flares-- P.C. Grigis, D. Buser and A. O. Benz.- Analysis of Doppler Shifts of Spectral Lines Obtained by the CDS/SOHO Instrument-- P. Gomory et al.-On the Behaviour of a Blinker in Chromospheric and Transition Region Layers-- F. Tomasz et al.- On the 24- and 155-Day Periodicity Observed in Solar Ha Flares-- M. Temmer, A. Veronig and A. Hanslmeier.- He-D Polarization Observed in Prominences-- R. Ramelli and M. Bianda.- Line-of-Sight Velocity and Magnetic Field in Sunspot Penumbrae-- D.V. Makarchik and N.I. Kobanov.- Impulsive X-Ray Radiation Characteristics of Solar Flare Footpoints-- T.Mrozek and M. Tomczak.- Velocity Fields in an Irregular Sunspot-- J. Jurcak, M. Sobotka and V. Martinez-Pillet.- On the Dynamic Disconnection of Rising --Loops-- L.Toth and O. Gerlei.- Searching for the Origins of the Fast Solar Wind-- M.D. Popescu and J.G. Doyle.- Detectability of High Frequency Acoustic Waves with TRACE-- A. Fossum and M. Carlsson.- Linking Coronal to Interplanetary Magnetic Helicity-- M.L. Luoni et al.- Photoheliographic Data and its Comparison with Other Sunspot Databases-- G. Mezo, T. Baranyi and L. Gyori.- Properties of a Small Active Region in the Solar Photosphere-- S. Stangi and J. Hirzberger.- Small Scale Events Seen in SXT Observations-- S. Gburek and J. Sylwester.- Properties of Type IV Radio Bursts with Periodical Fine Structures-- J. Magdalenie et al.- Testing the Neupert Effect-- A.M. Veronig et al.-The Faint Young Sun Problem-- A. Hanslmeier.- CCD Spectroscopy of Solar Rotation-- S. Jejcic and A. Cadez.- The Observing Programs at Kanzelhohe Solar Observatory-- W. Otruba.- Theoretical Modeling of Potential Magnetic Field Distribution in the Corona-- V.M. Cadez et al.- Author Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
The book contains lecture papers and contributed papers on different aspects of magnetic phenomena in the solar atmosphere. The main topics addressed are the physics of solar flares, prominences, coronal mass ejections, magnetic helicity, high-energy radiation from the Sun, observations of the photosphere and chromosphere as well as highlights from the SOHO mission. The lecture papers provide a very valuable introduction and overview on recent developments in these fields of solar physics. The comprehensive lists of references at the end of each review enable the interested reader to go into more detail. The book is particularly useful for graduate students and young researchers working in solar physics.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Hanslmeier, Arnold.
Veronig, Astrid.
Messerotti, Mauro.
Sonnenobservatorium Kanzelhöhe.
Astrophysics and space science library, 0067-0057 ; v. 320
Astrophysics and space science library ; v. 320.

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