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Psychology of gender identity / Janice W. Lee, editor.


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Publication date:
New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2005.
  • Book
  • viii, 178 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Preface-- Dominance, Testosterone and Psychological Sex Differences-- The Social Identity of Men: Locating the Central Role of Self-Esteem in Men's Attitudes towards Men and Women-- The Psychology of Aspirations to Top Management: Does Gender Identity Matter?-- Perspectives of Gender-role Identity in Mental Health: A Review Focusing on the Japanese Cultural Aspects-- Boys Performing Masculinities: Exploring Gender and Sexual Identity in Nurse Led Boys Groups-- Absent Signs, Elusive Experience. On Young Gay Men and Abstence of Adequate Signs and Cultural Images-- Gender Identity at Home: Comparing the Role of Househusband to Housewife-- Biology, Gender and Behaviour. A Critical Discussion of the Biological Models used for Explaining Cognitive and Behavioural Gender Differences-- Gender Group Identity as a Moderator of Sex Differences in Interpersonal and Intergroup Dominance-- Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
Gender encompasses biological sex but extends beyond it to the socially prescribed roles deemed appropriate for each sex by the culture in which we live. The gender roles we each carry out are highly individualistic, built on our biological and physical traits, appearance and personality, life experiences such as childhood, career and education, and history of sexual and romantic interactions. Each element influences perceptions and expectations. Gender-related experiences influence and shape the ways we think about others and ourselves including self-image, behaviour, mood, social advancement and coping strategies. This new book brings together leading international research devoted to this subject.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Lee, Janice W.

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