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The Blackwell companion to social inequalities / edited by Mary Romero and Eric Margolis.



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Publication date:
Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2005.
  • Book
  • xiv, 612 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • List of Figures.List of Tables.Notes on Contributors.Acknowledgements.Introduction.Part I: Conceptualizing Inequalities:.1. Historical Perspectives on Inequality: Charles Tilly (Columbia University).2. Social Exclusion: New Inequality Paradigm for the Era of Globalization?: Ronaldo Munck (University of Liverpool).3. Unequal Nations: Race, Citizen, and the Politics of Recognition: Sallie Westwood (University of Manchester).4. Intimate Citizenship in an Unjust World: Ken Plummer (University of Essex).5. Domination, Resistance, and Subjectivity: Barry D. Adam (University of Windsor).Part II: Epistemology, Method, and Inequality:.6. Conceptualizing a Critical Race Theory in Sociology: Tara J. Yosso (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Daniel G. Solorzano (University of California, Los Angeles).7. Environmental Racism: Inequality in a Toxic World: David Pellow (University of California, San Diego).8. Labor-market Inequality: Intersections of Gender, Race, and Class: Irene Browne (Emory University) and Joya Misra (University of Massachusetts-Amherst).9. What Counts? Definition, Measurement, and Legitimacy in Studies of Homelessness: Malcolm Williams (University of Plymouth).Part III: Family, Community, and Education:.10. Children and Inequality: Julia Wrigley and Joanna Dreby (both City University of New York).11. Parenting and Inequality: Rachel Grob (Sarah Lawrence College) and Barbara Katz Rothman (City University of New York).12. Migrant Networks: A Summary and Critique of Relational Approaches to International Migration: Steven J. Gold (Michigan State University).13. Race, Education, and Inequality: Caroline Hodges Persell and Giselle F. Hendrie (both New York University).Part IV: Policy Responses to Inequalities:.14. Beyond Dependency: Welfare States and the Configuration of Social Inequality: Lynne Haney (New York University) and Robin Rogers-Dillon (City University of New York).15. Inequalities, Crime, and Citizenship: Nigel South (University of Essex).16. Disability and Social Inequalities: Mark Priestley (University of Leeds).17. Culture of Medicine and Racial, Ethnic, and Class Disparities in Healthcare: Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good (Harvard Medical School), Cara James (Harvard University), Byron J. Good (Harvard Medical School), and Anne E. Becker(Harvard Medical School).18. The Nervous Gaze: Backpacking in Africa: Claudia Bell (University of Auckland).19. Origins and Contours of the Population Debate: Inequality, Population.Politics, and NGOs: Tulsi Patel: University of Delhi and Navtej Purewal (University of Manchester).Part V: Media, Technology, and Inequalities:.20. Selling Images of Inequality: Hollywood Cinema and the Reproduction of Racial and Gender Stereotypes: Norman K. Denzin (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign).21. In the Shadow of Cultural Imperialism: Television and National Identities in the Era of Globalization: Chris Barker (University of Wollongong).22. Minding the Cyber-Gap, The Internet and Social Inequality: Wenhong Chen (University of Toronto) and Barry Wellman (University of Toronto).23. New Global Technologies of Power: Cybernetic Capitalism and Social Inequality: Stephen Pfohl (Boston College).Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
"The Blackwell Companion to Social Inequalities" is a first-rate collection of social science scholarship on inequalities, emphasizing race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, age, and nationality. This title highlights themes that represent the scope and range of theoretical orientations, contemporary emphases, and emerging topics in the field of social inequalities. It gives special attention to debates in the field, developing trends and directions, and interdisciplinary influences in the study of social inequalities. It includes an editorial introduction and suggestions for further reading.
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Romero, Mary.
Margolis, Eric, 1947-
Blackwell companions to sociology.

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