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Women's studies : a recommended bibliography / Linda A. Krikos and Cindy Ingold.


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Krikos, Linda A.
Publication date:
3rd ed. - Westport, Conn. : Libraries Unlimited, 2004.
  • Book
  • xxii, 828 p. ; 27 cm.
Updates: Women's studies : a recommended core bibliography, 1980-1985 / Catherine R. Loeb, Susan E. Searing, Esther F. Stineman. 1987. Includes indexes.
  • Foreword by Susan E. Searing-- Preface and Acknowledgments-- Introduction-- Reference by Linda Friend-- Feminist Theories and Women's Movements by Joan Ariel-- Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Studies, and International Studies by Hope Yelich-- Business, Economics, and Labor by Jill Morstad and Tracy Bicknell-Holmes-- Education and Pedagogy by Linda D. Tietjen-- Law by Cindy Ingold-- Politics and Political Theory by Linda D. Tietjen-- Psychology by Mila C. Su-- Sociology by Debbie Schaubman-- Sports by Mila C. Su-- Art, Architecture, Music, and Dance by Susan Wyngaard-- Autobiography, Biography, Diaries, Memoirs, and Letters by Linda Krikos-- Communications, Mass Media, and Language by Ellen Broldy-- History by Cindy Ingold-- Literature by Becky Albitz-- Religion and Philosophy by Don Welsh-- Medicine and Health by Linda Krikos-- Science, Technology, and Mathematics by Linda Krikos-- Periodicals by Linda Krikos-- Appendix: Special Issues of Journals, 1986-1999-- Author Index-- Title Index-- Subject Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
A team of subject specialists has taken on the immense task of documenting publications in the area of women's studies in the last decades of the 20th century. The result is this truly monumental work, which maps the field, covering thousands of titles and Web sites in 19 subject areas published between 1985 and 1999. Intended as a reference and collection development tool, this bibliography provides a guide to women's studies information for each title along with a detailed, often evaluative review. The annotations summarize each work's content, its importance or contribution to women's studies, and its relationship to other titles on the subject. Most reviews cite and describe similar and contrasting titles, substantially extending the coverage. Core titles and titles that are out of print are noted, and reviews indicate which titles are appropriate as texts or supplemental texts.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Ingold, Cindy.
Included Work:
Loeb, Catherine. Women's studies.

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