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International encyclopedia of social policy / editor in chief Tony Fitzpatrick ; editors, Huck-Ju Kwon ... [et al.].


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Publication date:
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2006.
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  • 3 v. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • abortion-- absolute and relative poverty-- accountability and evaluation-- acculturation-- active welfare-- Addams, Jane-- adolescent pregnancies-- adoption-- adverse selection-- Advocacy Coalition-- affirmative action-- affluence test-- Africa-- ageism-- aging-- agrarian parties-- AIDS-- alcohol policy-- almhouses-- altruism-- Amsterdam Treaty-- anarchism-- anti-poverty policies-- anti-racism-- Apartheid-- APEC-- Argentina-- ASEAN-- Asia-- Asian Development Bank-- assistance benefits-- associations-- asylum seekers-- Australia-- Austria-- autonomy-- basic income-- basic state pension-- battered women/wives-- begging-- Belgium-- benefit fraud-- Beveridge Report-- Beveridge, William-- birth control-- Bismarck, Otto von-- body, the-- bottom-up approach-- Bourdieu, Pierre-- Brazil-- Bretton Woods System-- Brookings Institution-- bubble effect-- Buddhism-- budgeting-- Bulgaria-- bureaucracy-- caisses-- Cambodia-- Canada-- capability-- capitalism-- capitation fee-- care work-- carers-- Caribbean-- caring-- caritas (catholic)-- casualisation-- categorical benefits-- Catholic social services-- Central and Eastern Europe-- centralization and decentralization-- charities-- child abuse-- child benefits-- child health services-- child labour-- child protection-- child support services-- childcare-- children-- children's allowances-- children's rights-- Chile-- China-- Christian Democracy-- Christian Socialism-- Christianity-- citizenship-- civil society-- claimants' movement-- class-- claw-back-- clientelism-- client-provider interaction-- cohabitation-- Cohen, Wilbur-- collective action-- collectivism-- commodification and decommodification-- communism-- communitarianism-- community-- community and neighborhood centers-- community care-- community work-- community-based development-- comparative analysis-- competition-- complementary social protection-- comprehensive education-- Comte, Auguste-- Confucianism-- conservatism-- Conservative political parties-- consumerism-- contracting out-- contributory benefits-- convergence thesis-- coopertive movement-- co-payment-- coporate welfare-- core-periphery labour markets-- corporatism-- Costa Rica-- credit unions-- crime-- criminal justice system-- crisis of the welfare state-- Croatia-- Cuba-- cultural capital-- culture-- culture of poverty-- Czech Republic-- data sets-- daycare-- defined benefit scheme-- defined contribution scheme-- deflation and reflation-- deinstitutionalization-- democracy-- democratic socialism-- demographic trends-- demographics-- Denmark-- dependency-- dependency culture-- dependency ratio-- dependents-- deregulation-- desert-- deserving and undeserving poor-- developing countries-- development banks-- developmental state-- deviance-- diagnosis-related groups-- Diagnostic-Related Groups-- diakonie (protestant)-- diaspora-- difference-- direct job creation-- disability-- disability benefits-- disablism-- discretionary benefits-- discrimination-- disposable income-- disregards-- division of labour-- divorce-- Dix, Dorothea-- domestic labour-- domestic violence-- domiciliary care-- downsizing-- drug addiction and treatment-- dual-earner and no-earner households-- Durkheim, Emile-- Dutch disease/Dutch miracle-- early retirement-- earnings-- earnings inequality-- earnings-related benefits-- East Asian Miracle-- Eastern Europe-- economic liberalism-- economics-- education-- educational inequalities-- efficiency-- egalitarianism-- Egypt-- elder abuse-- elderly people-- elites-- elitism-- emancipation-- embourgeoisement-- emotional labour-- employability-- employers-- employers' associations-- employment-- employment law and rights-- employment policies-- employment rate-- empowerment-- enabling state-- entitlement-- environmentalism-- equal opportunities-- equal pay legislation-- equality-- equity-- equivalence scales-- Esping-Andersen, Gosta-- ethnic groups-- ethnicity-- eugenics-- European Community Household Panel-- European social fund-- European Union-- European Union harmonisation-- Eurostat-- euthanasia-- evaluation research-- familialization-- familism-- family allowances-- family law-- family planning-- family policy-- family strategies-- family wage-- family, the-- federalism-- fee-for-services--.
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Publisher's Summary:
This milestone work is the first to offer in-depth treatment of all aspects of the discipline and practice of social policy globally. Supported by a distinguished international advisory board, the editors have compiled more than 750 entries written by 254 leading specialists to provide authoritative coverage of definitional and conceptual terms, actors, institutions and national and regional contexts and applications, and the growing importance of the transnational dimension. Also included are biographical entries on major theoreticians. The editors provide strong coverage of national and regional traditions and experiences and differing academic approaches, and emphasise the diversity of social policy in study, development and application around the world. Contributors draw in and make the necessary connections with social policy's associated disciplines to provide a rich picture of this vast and highly diverse field. Comprehensive and authoritative, the "Encyclopaedia" nevertheless opens up the numerous areas in which there is on-going research, debate and, often, serious disagreement and divergence in theory and practice. To this end, entries introduce a core or common ground of understanding before moving on to a wider discussion of debates and different theoretical and geographical approaches. The whole is integrated by cross-referencing and each entry includes a bibliography for further reading. There is a full index. "The International Encyclopaedia of Social Policy" provides the most substantial mapping of the international study and practice of social policy to date and will stand as a vital storehouse of knowledge for many years to come.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Fitzpatrick, Tony, 1966-
Kwon, Huck-ju.

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