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A critical bibliography of Old English syntax to the end of 1984, including addenda and corrigenda to Old English syntax / Bruce Mitchell.


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Mitchell, Bruce, 1920-2010.
Publication date:
Oxford, UK ; Cambridge, Mass., USA : Blackwell, 1990.
  • Book
  • xxii, 269 p. ; 24 cm.
Includes indexes.
  • Foreward. Contents. Abbreviations and Symbols. Introduction. General Works. Part I: Concord. Part II: The Parts of Speech and Their Function. Part III: The Simple Sentence: Elements. Part IV: The Simple Sentence: Types. Part V: Parataxis and the 'Multiple Sentence.' Part VI:The Complex Sentence. Part VII: Subordinate Clauses. Part VIII: Other Sentence Elements and Problems. Part IX: Element Order. Part X: Some Problems Related to the Poetry. Part XI: Afterword. Conclusion. Appendix I. Appendix II. Appendix III. Subject Index. Index of Authors and Reviewers.
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Publisher's Summary:
This work supplements the author's two-volume "Old English Syntax" (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1985). It contains what is intended to be a bibliography complete to the end of 1984, of books, doctoral dissertations, articles, notes and reviews, on the syntax of Old English, with cross-references and with comments on items other than reviews; a subject index thereto; and the index of authors and reviewers which is (by design) missing in "Old English Syntax" but which gives references to both books. It provides an introduction, a section dealing with general works, eleven chapters which parallel those in "Old English Syntax", and three appendixes which include inter alia addenda and corrigenda to "Old English Syntax". All items other than reviews are allotted a number and some important post-1984 publications are included. There are some 1150 numbered items, later additions being marked A or B.The bias of previous work is demonstrated by the fact that over 45 percent of these are on chapter II, "The Parts of Speech and their Functions". Three categories are marked by symbols: the first indicates items which can now safely be disregarded, the second those discussed and evaluated in "Old English Syntax", and the third those written from a "modern linguistic" point of view. There are deliberate omissions: no reviews are listed for items 1-50A (bibliographies, dictionaries, and grammars) or for collections from which individual items are cited, and abstracts of conference papers are excluded.Items concerned with prefixes and "phrasal verbs" (OES, sections 1060-80) and with element order (OES, sections 3887-951) have been divided into appropriate groups without critical comments for individual items. The word "critical" in the title reflects the fact that the author's overwhelming loyalty is to "Old English Syntax" and to users of this book, not to the writers whose work he discusses.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
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Mitchell, Bruce, 1920-2010. Old English syntax.

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