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Encyclopedia of recorded sound / Frank Hoffmann, editor ; Howard Ferstler, technical editor.


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Publication date:
2nd ed. - New York : Routledge, 2005.
  • Book
  • 2 v. (xii, 1289 p.) : ill.; 29 cm.
Rev. ed. of: Encyclopedia of recorded sound in the United States.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • AUDIO COMPANIES: Acoustic Research-- Advent-- Alabama Phonograph Co-- Allgemeine Elektrizitats Gesellschaft (Aeg)-- Ampex-- Berliner Gramophone Co-- Dynaco-- Electro-Voice-- Gruning-- Harman International-- Klh Corporation-- Liquidaudio-- Magnetophon-- Marantz-- Nakamichi-- Panasonic-- Realaudio-- Revox-- Sony-- Teac-- Yamaha GENRES: Accordion Recordings-- Acid Jazz-- Adult Contemporary-- Alternative Rock-- Animal Imitations: Bass And Drums-- Big Band-- British Invasion-- Car Songs-- Clarinet Recordings-- Do It Yourself (Diy)-- Doo-Wop-- Funk-- Girl Groups-- Gospel-- Grunge-- Heavy Metal-- Jazz-- Minimalism-- Musique Concrete-- Progressive Rock-- Psychedelic-- Punk Rock-- Rap/Hip Hop-- Reggae-- Teen Idols LABELS: A & M Records-- Aeolian Vocalion-- Angel-- Arista-- Asylum-- Barking Pumpkin-- Bear Family-- Broadside-- Chrysalis-- Columbia-- Commodore-- Decca-- Def Jam-- Edison-- Elektra-- Folkways Records-- Hathut-- Hi-- Interscope-- Island-- Kapp-- King-- Mercury-- Milestone-- Motown-- Okeh-- Preiser-- Red Bird-- Rich-R-Tone-- Roulette-- Rounder-- Starday-- Telarc-- Tommy Boy-- Vanguard-- Veejay-- Victor-- Virgin-- Zon-O-Phone-- PRODUCERS/EXECUTIVES: Abrahamson, Herb-- Adler, Lou-- Azoff, Irving-- Babyface (Edmonds, Kenny)-- Blackwell, Chris-- Bradley, Owen-- Branson, Richard-- Combs, Sean "Puffy"-- Edwards, Bernard-- Gamble And Huff-- Geffen, David-- Grauer, William-- Hammond, John-- Holland/Dozier/Holland-- Holzman, Jac-- Law, Don-- Levy, Morris-- Miller, Mitch-- Most, Mickie-- Ostin, Mo-- Peer, Ralph-- Petty, Norman-- Phillips, Sam-- Rodgers, Nile-- Rose, Fred-- Sherrill, Billy-- Spector, Phil-- Thiele, Bob-- Titelman, Russ-- Wexler, Jerry-- Zaentz, Saul-- RECORDING ARTISTS: Abba-- Abbado, Claudio-- Acuff, Roy-- Afrika Bambattaa-- Albanese, Licia-- Allman Brothers-- Ammons, Albert-- Animals-- Ansermet, Ernest-- Avalon, Frankie-- Baker, Chet-- Barretto, Ray-- Bee Gees-- Bernstein, Leonard-- Bjork-- Blades, Reuben-- Booker T. & The Mgs-- Boone, Pat-- Boyz Ii Men-- Clash-- Cleveland Symphony Orchestra-- Clinton, George-- Coleman, Michael-- Coleman, Ornette-- Corea, Chick-- Dead Kennedys-- Dion, Celine-- Dixie Chicks-- Dr. Dre-- Eno, Brian-- Europe, James Reese-- Gleason, Jackie-- Gluck, Alma-- Horowitz, Vladimir-- Iturbi, Jose-- Jackson, Janet-- Jackson, Mahalia-- Johnson, Lonnie-- Jones, George-- Judas Priest-- Kennedy, Nigel-- Kostelanetz, Andre-- Lee, Brenda-- Lee, Peggy-- Lehrer, Tom-- Lenya, Lotte-- Marley, Bob-- Mancini, Henry-- Masur, Kurt-- Mulligan, Gerry-- N Sync-- N.W.A-- Nirvana-- Norman, Jessye-- Nugent, Ted-- Orbison, Roy-- Osbourne, Ozzy-- Partridge Family-- Pavarotti, Luciano-- Piazzolla, Astor-- Redding, Otis-- Riley, Teddy-- Schulze, Klaus-- Selena-- Sex Pistols-- Shankar, Ravi-- Skillet Lickers-- Snoop Doggy Dogg-- Spivey, Victoria-- Stanley Brothers-- Steely Dan-- Summer, Donna-- Sun Ra-- Supremes-- Tiny Tim-- Turner, Big Joe-- Twain, Shania-- Velvet Underground-- Washington, Grover Jr-- Watson, Doc-- Winter, Paul-- Wonder, Stevie-- Wynette, Tammy-- Xtc-- Yoakum, Dwight-- Zappa, Frank-- Zimbalist, Efrem, Zorn, John TERMS: A & B Switch-- Absorption-- Acetate Disc-- Acoustic Feedback-- Acoustic R.
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Publisher's Summary:
The Encylopedia of Recorded Sound , 2nd edition, is an A to Z reference work covering the entire history of recorded sound from Edison discs to CDs and MP3. Entries range from technical terms (Acoustics; Back Tracking; Quadraphonic) to recording genres (blues, opera, spoken word) to histories of industry leaders and record labels to famed recording artists (focusing on their impact on recorded sound). Entries range in length from 25-word definitions of terms to 5000 word essays. Drawing on a panel of experts, the general editor has pulled together a wealth of information. The volume concludes with a complete reference bibliography and a deep index.
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Hoffmann, Frank W., 1949-
Ferstler, Howard, 1943-
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Encyclopedia of recorded sound in the United States.

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