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[Derge edition of the Tibetan version of the Tripiṭaka].


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Uniform Title:
Tripiṭaka (Tibetan version)
Publication date:
[Derge, China : s.n., after 1733]
  • Book
  • 215 bundles ; 12 x 51 cm.
Title supplied by cataloger. The 18th century redaction of Si-tu Paṇ-chen Chos-kyi-ʼbyuṅ-gnas. Consists of the two collections: Bkaʼ-ʼgyur (Kanjur) (bundles DK1-DK99), and Bstan-ʼgyur (Tanjur) (bundles DT1-DT116). Printed from the wooden blocks made at the Derge Monastery in Tibet ca. 1729-1733. Detailed study of text required for more exact date of manufacture, but probably printed in the early 20th century. A catalogue of the Japanese copy of this text was published as: Chibetto Daizōkyō sōmokuroku = A complete catalogue of the Tibetan Buddhist canons (Bkaḥ-ḥgyur and Bstan-ḥgyur / edited by Hakuju Ui, Munetada Suzuki, Yenshô Kanakura, Tôkan Tada. Sendai, Japan : Tôhoku Imperial University, aided by Saitô Gratitude Foundation, 1934 (2 v., with 2nd v. having special t.p. in English: ... A Catalogue-Index of the Tibetan Buddhist Canons).
Stanford copy 1 (RBC): Provenance: 2 copies said to have been given by the Dalai Lama in 1922 to Tōkan Tada, one of which passed to Tōhoku Imperial University at Sendai, Japan, and the other (this copy) to Ryūtan Tokuzawa.
Si-tu Paṇ-chen Chos-kyi-ʼbyuṅ-gnas, 1699 or 1700-1774.
Tada, Tōkan, 1890-1967 former owner.
Tokuzawa, Ryūtan, former owner.
Related Work:
Tōhoku Teikoku Daigaku. Hōbun Gakubu. Chibetto Daizōkyō sōmokuroku.

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