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Encyclopedia of race and ethnic studies / Ellis Cashmore.


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Cashmore, Ernest.
Publication date:
London ; New York : Routledge, 2004.
  • Book
  • xx, 491 p. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Aboriginal Australians-- Affirmative Action-- Africa-- African Americans-- African Caribbeans-- Afrocentricity-- Ali, Muhammad-- Amalgamation-- American Indians-- Anglo-Indians-- Anthropology-- Anti-Semitism-- Antislavery-- Apartheid-- Aryan-- Asian Americans-- Assimilation-- Barry Case-- Bigotry-- Black bourgeoisie in Britain-- Black bourgeoisie in the U.S.A.-- Black Panther Party-- Black Power-- Blues-- Boas, F-- British Asians-- Brown v-- Capitalism-- Caste-- Caucasian-- Central Park jogger-- Chamberlain-- Chavez-- Children-- Civil rights movement-- Cleaver-- Colonial discourse-- Colonialism-- Conservatism-- Consumption-- Cox-- Creole-- Cultural identity-- Cultural racism-- Culture-- Culturecide-- Darwinism-- Diageo Case-- Diallo Case-- Diaspora.-- Disadvantage-- Dollard, J-- Doomed Races-- Drugs-- Ebonics-- Education and cultural diversit-- Emancipation-- Empowerment-- Encomienda-- Environmental racism-- Environmentalism-- Equal opportunity-- Equality-- Essentialism-- Ethiopianism-- Ethnic cleansing-- Ethnic conflict-- Ethnic monitoring-- Ethnicity-- Ethnocentrism-- Ethnocide-- Ethnonational-- Eugenics-- Exploitation-- Fanon-- Fascism-- Finot-- Freire, Paulo-- Freyre, Gilberto-- globalizati-- Gandhi-- Garvey-- Genocide-- Genotype-- Geometry of race-- Ghetto-- Gobineau-- Gregoire-- Haeckel-- Hall, Stuart-- Hanson, Pauline-- Hegemony-- Hereditarianism-- Heritability-- Holocaust-- Homelessness-- Hottentot Venus-- Human Rights-- Humor-- Hybridity-- Ideology-- indigenous peoples-- Inferential Racism-- Institutional racism-- Integration-- Intelligence and race - no chan-- Internal colonialism-- International Convention-- International organizations-- Invisible Man-- Islamophobia-- Jackson, Jesse-- Jackson, Michael-- Jim Crow-- Jordan, Michael-- Kerner Report-- King-- King case, The Rodney-- Kinship-- Ku Klux Klan-- Las Casas-- Law civil rights USA-- Law Imigration UK-- Law race rel UK-- Law racial discrimination (in-- Law- immigration U.S.A.-- Lawrence Case-- Lee, Spike-- Let's Kick Racism Out of Footba-- Malcolm X-- Masculinity-- Medicine-- Middleman minority-- Migration-- Million Man March-- Minorities - no changes made.do-- Minstrelsy-- Miscegenation-- Motown-- Multiculturalism-- Multiracial + notes-- Myrdal, Gunnar (1898_1987) - no-- Nation of Islam-- National Front-- Nationalism-- Negrophilia-- Neo-nazism-- New International Division of L-- Negritude-- Oklahoma bombing-- One Nation-- Pentecostalism-- Phenotype-- Pluralism-- Pogrom-- Political correctness-- Politics and-- Postcolonial-- Powell-- Power-- Prejudice-- Pruitt-- Puerto Ricans in the U-- Race - as classification-- Race - as signifier-- Race - as synonym-- Race Card-- Race relations - as act-- Race relations - as cons-- Racial discrimination-- Racial profiling-- Racialization-- Racism-- Racist discourse-- Rap-- Rastafari-- Rational Choice Theory-- Reggae-- Representations-- Reverse racism-- Riots-Britain 1981-- Riots-Britain 2001-- Riots-Britain, 1985-- Riots-USA (Tulsa, Oklahoma)-- Riots-USA, 1965-67-- Riots-USA, 1980-- Rock Against Racism-- Scapegoat-- Scarman Report-- Science-- Segregation-- Senghor-- Sexual abuse-- Simpson Case-- Skinheads-- Slavery-- Social Darwinism-- S.
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Publisher's Summary:
Developed from the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Dictionary of Race and Ethnic Relations, now in its fourth edition, Encyclopedia of Race and Ethnic Studies has been assembled by a world-class team of international scholars led by Ellis Cashmore to provide an authoritative, single-volume reference work on all aspects of race and ethnic studies. From Aboriginal Australians to xenophobia, Nelson Mandela to Richard Wagner, sexuality to racial profiling, the Encyclopedia is organized alphabetically and reflects cultural diversity in a global context. The entries range from succinct 400 word definitions to in-depth 2000 word essays to provide comprehensive coverage of: * all the key terms, concepts and debates * important figures, both historical and contemporary * landmark cases * historical events Although unafraid to engage with cutting-edge theory, the Encyclopedia is uncluttered by jargon and has been written in a lucid, 'facts-fronted' style to offer an accessible introduction to race and ethnic studies. The Encyclopedia is also fully cross-referenced and thoroughly indexed with most entries followed by annotated up-to-date suggestions for further reading to guide the user to the key sources. It is destined to become an essential resource for scholars and students of race and ethnic studies, as well as a handy reference for journalists and others working in the field. Ellis Cashmore, Staffordshire University, UK Consultant Editors Michael Banton, University of Bristol, UK James Jennings, Tufts University, USA Online Resource.
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