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Encyclopedia of world environmental history / Shepard Krech III, J.R. McNeill, Carolyn Merchant, editors.


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Publication date:
New York : Routledge, 2004.
  • Book
  • 3 v. : ill. ; 29 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Acid Rain-- Africa, Overview-- Africa, Central-- Africa, East-- Africa, Southern-- Africa, Western-- Agent Orange-- Agribusiness-- Agriculture-- Agroecology and Agroforestry-- Air Pollution-- Alaska Pipeline-- Albedo Effect-- Alps-- Amazon River-- Amazonia, Ancient-- Andes-- Animal Rights-- Animism-- Antarctica-- Appalachian Mountain Club-- Appalachian Mountains-- Aral Sea-- Argentina-- Aristotle-- Army Corps of Engineers-- Art-- Asbestos-- Asia, Central-- Asia, Central - Ancient-- Asia, Southeast - Ancient-- Asia, Southeast - Insular-- Asia, Southeast - Mainland-- Association of African Earthkeeping Churches-- Audubon Society-- Audubon, John James-- Australia-- Australia, Aboriginal-- Australian Conservation Foundation-- Austria-- Automobile-- Avalanches-- Bahro, Rudolf-- Bailey, Florence Merriam-- Balkans-- Baltic Region-- Baltic Sea-- Bamboo-- Bear-- Beaver-- Bhopal Disaster-- Biodiversity-- Biological Corridors-- Biological Exchanges-- Biological Weapons-- Biophilia-- Bioregionalism-- Bird, Isabella-- Birds-- Bison-- Black Elk-- Black Fly-- Black Sea-- Bolivia-- Boone and Crockett Club-- Boserup, Ester-- Brazil-- British Empire-- Brower, David-- Brown-Headed Cowbird-- Brundtland Commission-- Buddhism-- Bush Meat-- Cacao-- California Condor-- Camels-- Canada-- Capitalism-- Caribbean-- Caribbean Coastlands-- Caribou-- Carson, Rachel-- Carver, George Washington-- Catholicism-- Catlin, George-- Central America-- Chang River-- Chavez, Cesar-- Chesapeake Bay-- Chile-- Chimurenga-- China-- China, Ancient-- Chipko-- Christianity-- Circumpolar Regions-- Civilian Conservation Corps-- Clamshell Alliance-- Clements, Frederic-- Climate-- Climate Change-- Club of Rome-- Coal-- Cod-- Coffee-- Colombia-- Colonialism and Imperialism-- Colorado River-- Comanagement-- Commission for Environmental Cooperation-- Commodification-- Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE)-- Condor-- Confucianism-- Congo (Zaire) River-- Conservation-- Consumer Movement-- Copper-- Coral and Coral Reefs-- Cosmology-- Cotton-- Council on Environmental Quality-- Czechia-- Dams, Reservoirs, and Artificial Lakes-- Danube River-- Darwin, Charles-- Deer-- Defenders of Wildlife-- Defoliation-- Deforestation-- Desertification-- Deserts-- Development Narratives-- Dewey, John-- Diamonds-- Dioxins-- Diseases, Animal-- Diseases, Human-- Diseases, Plant-- Dodo-- Dogs-- Domestication, Plant and Animal-- Douglas, Marjorie Stoneman-- Douglas, William O.-- Droughts-- Drug Production and Trade-- Dubos, Rene-- Dung-- Dust Bowl-- Dutch Elm Disease-- Earth Day-- Earth First!-- Earthquakes-- Eastman, Charles-- Ecofeminism-- Ecological Imperialism-- Ecological Restoration-- Ecological Simplicity-- Ecology, Christian-- Ecology, Cultural-- Ecology, Deep-- Ecology, Historical-- Ecology, Social-- Ecology, Spiritual-- Ecopsychology-- Ecosystems-- Ecotourism-- Ecuador-- Eden-- Edison, Thomas Alva-- Education-- Egypt, Ancient-- El Nino and La Nina-- Elephants-- Endangered Species-- Endangered Species Act-- Energy-- Environmental Defense-- Environmental Education-- Environmental Ethics-- Environmental Impact Statement-- Environmental Justice-- Environmental Narra.
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Publisher's Summary:
While the relationship between man and nature has been a constant feature of the human situation, the human impact on the environment has only recently become a topic of general interest to students, as well as to scholars and professionals in disciplines across the board. This three-volume set, written by a team of international experts, provides not only broad historical coverage on how human beliefs and actions have altered the natural world, but also covers the latest developments in the field. An analysis of natural phenomena and events and their impact on human societies is also included. With over 500 articles, this fascinating set will prove a definitive reference source on environmental change over the course of human history, across cultures and in the modern world. This important new work belongs in any collection serving world history, ecology, environmental studies, geography or environmental science programs. Entries include: * Acid Rain * Africa * Air Pollution * Alternative Energy * Biodiversity * Central Asia * Chernobyl * China * Debt for Nature * Deforestation * Earthquakes * Environmental Law * Environmental Crime * Famine * Green Revolution * Global Warming * Gulf War * Law of the Sea * Rainforests * Roman Empire * Social Ecology * Toxicity * Tragedy of the Commons * Volcanoes * World Trade Organization * World Wildlife Fund * And many more. Advisory Board: Carole Crumley, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA; Mark Elvin, Australian National University, Australia; Susan Flader University of Missouri, USA; .
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Krech, Shepard, 1944-
McNeill, John Robert.
Merchant, Carolyn.

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