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The Greenwood guide to American popular culture / edited by M. Thomas Inge and Dennis Hall.


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Publication date:
Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2002.
  • Book
  • 4 v. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Title Variation:
American popular culture
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Preface-- Introduction-- The Study of Popular Culture by Michael Dunne-- Almanacs by Robert K. Dodge-- Amusement Parks and Fairs by Judith A. Adams-Volpe-- Animation by Maureen Furniss-- Architecture by Richard Guy Wilson and Dale Allen Gyuro-- The Automobile by William R. Klink, Michael L. Berger, and Maurice Duke-- Big Little Books by Ray Barfield-- Business by David A. Brat and Richard F. Welch-- Catalogs by Evelyn Beck-- Children's Literature by R. Gordan Kelly and Lucy Rollin-- Circus and Wild West Exhibition by Judith A. Adams-Volpe-- Comic Books by M. Thomas Inge-- Comic Strips by M. Thomas Inge-- Computers and the Digital Age by Ray Helton-- Dance by Loretta Carillo-- Death by John P. Ferre-- Debate and Public Address by Robert H. Janke and Theodore F. Sheckels-- Do-It-Yourself, Home Repair, and Remodeling by Elizabeth S. Bell-- Editorial Cartoons by Paul P. Somers, Jr.-- Ethnicity by Leslie W. Lewis-- Fantasy by Roger C. Schlobin-- Fashion by Patricia A. Cunningham and Joseph Hancock-- Film by Robert P. Holtzclaw and Robert A. Armour-- Foodways by Sara Lewis Dunne-- Games and Toys by Bernard Mergan-- Gardening by Patsy Hammontree-- Gothic Fiction by Douglass H. Thompson-- Graffiti by Lisa N. Howorth and Sarah L. Croy-- Housing by Benyamin Schwarz and Ruth Brent-- Illustration by James J. Best-- Jazz by William Kenney and Jeffery Wasick-- Leisure Vehicles, Pleasure Boats, and Aircraft by Bernard Mergen-- Living History and Battlefield Reenactments by Randal Allred-- Magazines by Dorothy S. Schmidt-- Magic and Magicians by Steven S. Tigner-- Medicine and Physicians by Anne Hudson Jones-- Museums and Collecting by Dennis Hall-- Music by George Plasketes-- New Age Movements by Joel D. Rudinger-- Newspapers by Agnes Hooper Gottlieb, Amy Kirste Nyberg, and Richard Schwerzlose-- Photography by Richard N. Mastellar-- Popular Literature and Bestsellers by Perry Frank and Suzanne Ellery Greene-- Pornography by Joseph W. Slade-- Propaganda by Richard Alan Nelson-- Pulps and Dime Novels by Bill Blackbeard-- Radio by Erica Scharrer and Thomas Greenfield-- Recording Industry by James A. Von Schilling-- Regionalism by Anne Rowe-- Romantic Fiction by Kay Mussell-- Science by George F. Spagna Jr. and Elizabeth Barnaby Keeney-- Science Fiction by Donald E. Palumbo-- Self-Help and Popular Religion by David Fillingim-- Sports by Robert J. Higgs and Ralph Lamar Turner-- Stamp, Coin, and Postcard Collecting by John E. Findling and JohnBryant-- Television by Rhonda Wilcox-- Trains and Railroading by Arthur H. Miller, Jr.-- Verse and Popular Poetry by Janice Radway and Perry Frank-- Westerns by Richard W. Etulian-- Young Adult Fiction by Ken Donelson and Alleen Pace Nilsen-- Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
This guide to popular culture contains essay-length chapters, each offering a single form, genre, or theme of popular culture, from architecture to film, from computers to jazz, which offer a chronological survey of the history of the topic, as well a critical essay examining the standard or most useful reference tools, bibliographies, histories, critical studies and journals.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Inge, M. Thomas.
Hall, Dennis.

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