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New faces in a changing America : multiracial identity in the 21st century / [edited by] Loretta I. Winters and Herman L. DeBose.


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Publication date:
Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2003.
  • Book
  • xxi, 407 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Forward Introduction - Herman L. DeBose Acknowledgments PART I: RACE AS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION 1. Five Mixed Race Identities: From Relic to Revolution - Maria P. P. Root 2. The New Multiracialism: An Affirmation or an End to Race as we Know It? - Mary Thierry Texeira PART II: THE MULTIRACIAL MOVEMENT 3. New Faces, Old Faces: Counting the Multiracial Population - Ann Morning 4. Multiracial Identity: From Personal Problem to Public Issue - Kimberly McClain DaCosta 5. From Civil Rights to the Multiracial Movement - Kim M. Williams 6. Census 2000: Assessments in Significance - Rainier Spencer 7. Evolution of Multiracial Organizations: Where We Have Been & Where We Are Going - Nancy G. Brown & Ramona E. Douglas PART III: RACIAL/ETHNIC GROUPS IN AMERICA & BEYOND 8. The Dilemma of Biracial People of African American Descent - Herman L. DeBose & Loretta L. Winters 9. Check All That Apply: Trends & Perspectives Among Asian Descent Multiracials - Teresa Williams-Leon 10. Beyond Mestizaje: The Future of Race in America - Gregory Velazco y Trianosky 11. Colonization, Cultural Imperialism, and the Social Construction of American Indian Mixed Blood Identity - Karren Baird-Olson 12. "Race, " "Ethnicity, " and "Culture" in Hawai'i: The Myth of the "Model Minority" State - Laura Desfor Edles 13. Multiracial Identity in Global Perspective: The United States, Brazil, and South Africa - G. Reginald Daniel PART IV: RACE, GENDER & HIERARCHY 14. Does Multiraciality Lighten? Me-too Ethnicity & the Whiteness Trap - Paul Spickard 15. The Hazards of Visibility: "Biracial Women, " Media Images, and Narratives of Identity - Caroline A. Streeter 16. Masculine Multiracial Comedians - Darby Li Po Price PART V: SPECIAL TOPICS 17. Gang Affiliation & Self-Esteem: The Effects of a Mixed Heritage Identity - Patricia O'Donnell Brummett & Loretta I. Winters 18. Black/White Interracial Couples & the Beliefs That Help Them to Bridge the Racial Divide - Kristyan M. Kouri Epilogue: The Multiracial Movement: Harmony & Discord - Loretta I. Winters Index About the Editors About the Contributors.
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Publisher's Summary:
This volume considers the growing multiracial population of America, examining the multiracial experience, its history, and the political issues and consequences surrounding biracial and multiracial identity.
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Winters, Loretta I.
DeBose, Herman L.

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