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The big show in Bololand : the American relief expedition to Soviet Russia in the famine of 1921 / Bertrand M. Patenaude.


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Patenaude, Bertrand M., 1956-
Publication date:
Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, c2002.
  • Book
  • 817 p.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Prologue : future corpses.
  • The battlefield of famine : Russia's crisis and America's response. Going in. Food and weapons. The kingdom of hunger. Making the show a go. The neck of the bottle. Haskell at the bat. Home front Putting the job over. The gift horse
  • Love and death on the Volga : dramas and distractions at the famine front. Theaters of action. Funerals. Travelers. Gunmen. Tales of cannibalism. Flight of the flivver. Entertainments. Entr'acte. Backstage Entanglements. Denouement
  • Say it ain't so, comrade : American adventures in the communist utopia. Red days in Russia. Comrade Eiduk. Comrade Skvortsov. The professor and the sailor. And the show whirled merrily on. Food as a weapon. Shoot the interpreter. Vodka as a weapon. Machine politics. Playing the game
  • Masters of efficiency : youthful America confronts eternal Russia. A taste of power. Conquering new worlds. From the bell tower. Time meant nothing. The business of relief. We are all thieves. The mask of Mammon. Stealing the thunder. Mad monks and holy fools. Dangerous men in Russia. The wind and the sun.
Publisher's Summary:
When famine struck Bolshevik Russia in 1921, the US responded with a two-year relief mission that battled starvation and disease, and saved millions of lives. The tale told here is largely derived from the diaries, memoirs and letters of the American participants.
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