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World at risk : a global issues sourcebook.


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Publication date:
Washington, D.C. : CQ Press, c2002.
  • Book
  • xii, 692 p. : ill., maps ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • AIDS / Tamara Schuyler
  • Arms control / J. Peter Scoblic
  • Biodiversity / Tim Allman
  • Cultural preservation / Henry J. Rutz
  • Deforestation / Tim Allman
  • Development aid / Catherine Weaver
  • Energy / Richard B. Norgaard
  • Epidemics / Tamara Schuyler
  • Ethnic and regional conflict / Murat Somer
  • Fragile ecosystems / Chris Woodford
  • Freshwater / Chris Woodford
  • Genocide / Edward Kissi
  • Global warming / Chris Woodford
  • Health / David E. Bloom and David Canning
  • Human rights / Daan Bronkhorst
  • Hunger and food security / Suresh C.Babu
  • Income inequality / James Heintz
  • International criminal justice / Eric Stover
  • International law / Bruce Cronin
  • Labor and employment / Scott B. Martin
  • Literacy and educational access / Anya Hogoboom
  • Peacemaking and peacebuilding / Erin McCandless and Mary Hope Schwoebel
  • Pollution / Chris Woodford
  • Population / Ulla Larsen
  • Refugees / Stephen C. Lubkemann
  • Terrorism / David Leheny
  • Urbanization / Chris Woodford
  • War crimes / Timothy H.L. McCormack
  • Women / Aili Tripp
  • World trade / Kay-yiu Wong.
Publisher's Summary:
World at Risk provides international coverage through an examination of current global issues. This extensive sourcebook is arranged by global issue in A to Z format. The book includes 30 entries on hot topics such as human rights, population, literacy and educational access, energy, terrorism, war crimes, and much more. Each topic entry includes: [yen] Introduction. Introduces and defines the issue in a global context. [yen] Historical Development. Situates the issue historically within the international community. [yen] Current Research, Policies, and Programs. Summarizes the latest studies and research on the issue, such as reports from non-governmental organizations (NGO's), key scholarly research, as well as a brief synopsis of the types of policies and programs that have been developed to answer the problems raised by the issue. [yen] Comparative World Map. Illustrates key statistical performance benchmarks concerning the issue. [yen] Regional Summaries. Analyses the impact the issue has had on specific regions around the world. [yen] Statistical Data. Examines research data that best illustrate the issue. [yen] Case Study. Provides one or two local close-ups on the issue and show how it has affected a specific community, country, or region. [yen] Biographies. Includes brief biographies of historical and contemporary individuals helped who have helped shape the thinking and action concerning the issue throughout the world. [yen] Directory. Provides a list of the relevant agencies, lobbying groups, and organizations with contact information. [yen] Further Research. Directs readers to books, reports, newspaper articles, and Web sites where they can learn more about the subject. [yen] Documents. Includes exerpts from the most important documents relating to findings and research such as programmatic statements and legislation. Tables, appendices, and an index are also provided. This ready reference will be most useful to academic, public, and high school libraries and their patrons.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
CQ Press.

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