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Bridge builders / Martin Pearce and Richard Jobson.


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Pearce, Martin.
Publication date:
Chichester : Wiley-Academy, 2002.
  • Book
  • 224 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 32 cm.
  • Introduction (Martin Pearce). West India Quay Floating Bridge, London, England (Anthony Hunt Associates with Future Systems Architects). Kelvin Link Bridge, Glasgow, Scotland (Anthony Hunt Associates with John McAslan & Partners). Bridge at the World Association for Christian Communication, London, England (Austin Winkley & Associates). Plashet School Footbridge, Newham, London, England (Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects). Cardiff Bridge, Cardiff, Wales (Brookes Stacey Randall). Three Mills Bridge, London, England (Clash Associates Ltd). Green Bridge, London, England (CZWG). Tree Top Walk, Valley of the Giants, Walpole, Western Australia (Donaldson + Warn Architects). Koliste Footbridge, Brno, Czech Republic (Eva Jiricna Architects). Millennium Bridge, London, England (Foster & Partners, Anthony Caro, Ove Arup & Partners). Dogana Gate, Republic of San Marino (Giancarlo De Carlo). Footbridge over the River Mur, Graz, Austria (Guenther Domenig). Corporation Street Footbridge, Manchester, England (Hodder Associates). Liffey Pedestrian Bridge, Dublin, Republic of Ireland (Howley Harrington Architects). Natural History Museum Ecology Galleries, London, England (Ian Ritchie Architects). Rogue River Pedestrian Bridge, Grants Pass, USA (Jiri Strasky). Sacramento River Trail Pedestrian Bridge, Redding, USA (Jiri Strasky). Vranov Lake Pedestrian Bridge, Czech Republic (Jiri Strasky). Willamette River Pedestrian Bridge, Eugene, Oregon (Jiri Strasky). Linkbridge 2000, London, England (Judah). Hungerford Bridge Millennium Project, London, England (Lifschutz Davidson). Royal Victoria Dock Bridge Project, London, England (Lifschutz Davidson). Solferino Footbridge, Paris, France (Marc Mimram) Black Dog Hill Bridge, Near Calne, England (Mark Lovell). River Irthing Footbridge, Hadrian's Wall, England (Napper Architects). Rotherhithe Tunnel Bridge, London, England (Nicholas Lacey & Partners). St Saviour's Dock Bridge, London, England (Nicholas Lacey & Partners). Museum Park Footbridge, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Office for Metropolitan Architecture). Miho Museum Bridge, Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture, Japan (Pei Cobb Freed & Partners). Bercy--Tolbiac Footbridge, Paris, France (RFR and Feichtinger Architects). Skywalk, Hanover, Germany (RFR and Schultz & Partners). Japan Bridge, Paris, France (RFR and Kisho Kurokawa). Convertible Bridge over the Inner Harbour, Duisburg, Germany (Schlaich Bergermann & Partner). Folding Bridge over the Forde, Kiel, Germany (Schlaich Bergermann & Partner). Pedestrian Bridge over the Neckar River, Near Max--Eyth--See, Germany (Schlaich Bergermann & Partner). Pedestrian Bridge over the Weser River, Minden, Germany (Shlaich Bergermann & Partner). Oracle Bridges, Reading, England (Whitby Bird & Partners). River Lune Millennium Bridge, Lancaster, England (Whitby Bird & Partners). Shanks Millennium Bridge, Peterborough, England (Whitby Bird & Partners). York Millennium Bridge, York, England (Whitby Bird & Partners). Butterfly Bridge, Bedford, England (Wilkinson Eyre Architects). Challenge of Materials Footbridge, Science Museum, London, England (Wilkinson Eyre Architects). Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Gateshead, England (Wilkinson Eyre Architects). Lockmeadow Footbridge, Maidstone, England (Wilkinson Eyre Architects). Project Information.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)
Publisher's Summary:
The Builders Series focuses on specific types of constructions, presenting vivid global examples by world-renowned architects. Packed full of construction methods, case studies, outstanding imagery and technical plans, these titles offer indispensable reference guides to assist you in planning and designing architecture for specific environments. Bridge Builders provides a unique insight into modern bridge building by focusing on both the aesthetic and technical aspects of their construction. Beginning with a history of bridge construction, Martin Pearce goes on to showcase a selection of the best contemporary examples of foot bridges in modern architecture. Illustrated throughout with plans, drawings and high-quality colour photography, it serves as both an inspirational catalogue and visual reference guide. - Lavishly illustrated with plans, drawings, and colour photographs. - Features work from around the world by renowned architects and engineers.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Jobson, Richard, 1964-

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