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A companion to genethics / edited by Justine Burley and John Harris.



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Publication date:
Malden, Mass. : Blackwell Publishers, 2002.
  • Book
  • xiv, 489 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • List of ContributorsAcknowledgementsIntroduction : Justine Burley (University of Manchester and Exeter College, Oxford) and John Harris (University of Manchester) 1. Stem cells: C.N. Svendsen (University of Cambridge)2. Gene therapy for neurological disorders: P.R. Lowenstein (Gene Therapeutics Institute)3. Cloning in biology and medicine: Ian Wilmut (Roslin Institute)Genetics of old age: Thomas B.L. Kirkwood (University of Newcastle)4. The ethical legacy of Nazi medical war crimes: Paul Weindling (Oxford Bookes University)5. Biotechnology and animals: Bernard E. Rollin (Colorado State University)6. The role of informed consent in genetic experimentation: Soren Holm (University of Oslo)7. Testing children and adolescents: Dorothy Wertz (University of Massachusetts)8. Genetic testing of children: Lainie Friedman Ross (University of Chicago)9. Mapping the human genome and Monster Mythology : George J. Annas (Boston University)10. The moral status of the gene: Mary Anne Warren (San Francisco State University)11. The ethical use of human embryonic stem cells in research and therapy: John Harris (University of Manchester)12. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis and embryo selection: Bonnie Steinbock (State University of New York at Albany)13. Individual autonomy and genetic choice: Matthew Clayton (Brunel University)14. Cloning and public policy: Ruth Macklin (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)15. Sex-selection: The feminist response: Diemut Bubeck (London School of Economics)16. Creating perfect people: Philip Kitcher (Columbia University)17. Genetics and personal identity: Carol Rovane (Columbia University)18. Genetic determinism and gene selection: Richard Dawkins (University of Oxford and New College)19. The Darwin Wars and the human self image: Janet Radcliffe Richards (University College London20. Religion and Gene Therapy: Gerald McKenny (Rice University)21. 'Race', genetics and human difference: Hussein Kassim (University of London)22. Self-ownership, begetting and germ-line information: Hillel Steiner (University of Manchester)23. Justice, genetics and lifestyles: Inez de Beaufort (Erasmus University)24. Commercial exploitation of the human genome: Ruth Chadwick (Lancaster University) and Adam Hedgecoe (University College London) 25. Forensic DNA typing: David Wasserman (University of Maryland)26. Privacy and genetics: Madison Powers (Georgetown University)27. DNA banking: Bartha Maria Knoppers (University of Montreal)28. Genetic difference in the workplace: Michael Yesley (Los Alamos National Laboratory)29. The insurance market and discriminatory practices: Tom Sorell (University of Ethics)30. Legal and ethical issues in biotechnology patenting: Pilar Ossorio (American Medical Association31. Patented genes: Mark Sagoff (University of Maryland, College Park) 32. Property, patents, and genetic material: Stephen Munzer (University of California, Los Angeles)33. Genetic screening from a public health perspective: Scott Burris (Temple University) and Lawrence Gostin (Georgetown University) Afterword: Sir David Weatherall (University of Oxford)Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
The completion of the human genome project in 2000 dramatically emphasized the imminent success of the genetic revolution. The ethical and social consequences of this scientific development are immense. From human reproduction to life-extending therapies, from the impact on gender and race to public health and public safety, there is scarcely a part of our lives left unaffected by the impact of the new genetics. A Companion to Genethics is the first substantial study of the multifaceted dimensions of the genetic revolution and its philosophical, ethical, social, and political significance. It brings together the best and most influential contemporary writing about genethics. Newly commissioned essays from prominent figures in the current debate provide a wide-ranging and fascinating scholarly analysis of all the issues that arise from this explosive science.
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Burley, Justine.
Harris, John, 1945-
Blackwell companions to philosophy ; 21.

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