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The papacy : an encyclopedia / Philippe Levillain, general editor.


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Uniform Title:
Dictionnaire historique de la papauté. English.
Publication date:
New York : Routledge, 2002.
  • Book
  • 3 v. : ill., maps ; 29 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Acts of Peter-- Africa and the Papacy-- Alexander I-VIII-- Animals-- Antioch-- Antipope-- Apartments, Papal-- Appeal to Pope-- Artists, Foreign, in Rome-- Assassination-- Attempts against the Pope-- Avignon (Papacy of)-- Banking and the Papacy-- Beautification-- Biretta, Cardinal's-- Blessed Sword-- Boniface I-X-- Bull-- Caius (or Gaius)-- Calender-- Canon Law-- Cardinal-- Cardinal Nephew-- Carnival-- Castrati of the Papal Chapel-- Catacombs-- Censure-- Canonical-- Cinema, Popes and-- Colosseum-- Consistorial Advocate-- Councils, Ecumenical-- Crusades-- Dante-- Deacons-- Deposition of a Pope-- Dionysius-- Dispensation-- Easter-Date Controversies-- Elections, Papal-- Encyclical-- Eugene I-IV-- Evangelization-- Ex Cathedra-- Excavations in St. Peter's-- Expective Grace-- Fabian-- Feasts of Papal Rome-- Fisherman's Ring (Anulus Piscatoris)-- Flabellum-- Forgeries-- Freemasonry-- Funerals-- Furnishings-- Games-- Gentlemen of His Holiness-- Gloves-- Gospels, the, and Papal Power-- Great Schism of the West (1348-1417)-- Gregory I-XVI-- Guelphs-- Habemus Papam-- Hadrian I-VI-- Helsinki-- Heraldry-- Heresies-- Holy Roman Empire-- Holy See or Apostolistic See-- Humor-- Image of Rome in Literature-- Imprimatur-- Incardination-- Indulgences-- Infallability-- Innocent I-XIII-- Jesuits-- Joan (Pope)-- Jurisdictionalism-- Keys-- Kulturkampf-- Laity (Middle Ages)-- Latinity-- Leonine City-- Letters to the Pope-- Liberalism-- Magisterium-- Marxism and the Papacy-- Mass, Papal-- Master of the Sacred Place-- Military Ordinariates-- Missal, Tridentine-- Missions-- Modernism-- Mosaics-- Museums, Vatican-- Napoleonic Empire and the Papacy-- Navy, Papal-- Nicholas I-V-- Noble Guard-- Nuncio-- Oldest Daughter of the Church-- Opus Dei-- Oxford-- Palatine-- Papal Ceremonial-- Papistry-- Patronage, Papal-- Paul I-VI-- Penalities, Ecclesiastical-- Persecutions-- Peter's Pence-- Photography-- Plague and the Papacy-- Popemobile-- Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity-- Quietism-- Reform, Catholic-- Regalia-- Registers, Papal-- Resignation-- Rose, Golden-- Sabinian-- Saracens-- Scriptor-- Secret, Pontifical-- See, Vacant and Impeded-- Seminaries-- Simony-- Sistine Chapel-- Social Documents-- Swaddling Clothes, Consecrated-- Synod of Bishops-- Telephone-- Theocracy, Papal (Middle Ages)-- Tiara-- Tithe-- Traveler's Views of Rome and the Vatican-- Travels of John Paul II-- Turks-- Urban I-VIII-- Ursinus-- Vatican City State-- Vatican Radio-- Vestments-- Veto-- Vicariate, Apostolic-- World War, Second-- Zephyrinus.
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Publisher's Summary:
This 3 volume English language edition of the major reference work Dictionnaire Historique de la Papuate , not only covers all of the popes (and anti-popes) from St Peter to John Paul II, but also topics connected to the institution of the papacy. Coverage includes religous orders, papal encyclicals, historical events, papal controversies, the arts, and more. Written by an international team of scholars, it includes bibliographies, cross-references and an extensive index.Much more than a biographical dictionary of the popes, it will become the standard reference for all issues concerning the papacy.
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Levillain, Philippe, 1940-

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