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The concise encyclopedia of the ethics of new technologies / edited by Ruth Chadwick.


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Publication date:
San Diego : Academic Press, c2001.
  • Book
  • xxi, 404 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.
Title Variation:
Ethics of new technologies
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Bioethics, Overview / Raanan Gillon
  • Biotechnology / Michael Reiss
  • Birth-control technology / James W. Knight
  • Brain death / C.A. Defanti
  • Cloning / Thomas H. Murray, Gregory Kaebnick
  • Computer and information ethics / Simon Rogerson
  • Consequentialism and deontology / Matthew W. Hallgarth
  • Embryology, Ethics of / Søren Holm
  • Environmental impact assessment / Marja Järvelä
  • Feminist ethics / Rosemarie Tong
  • Fetal research / Robert H. Blank
  • Gene therapy / Adam M. Hedgecoe
  • Genetic counseling / Angus J. Clarke
  • Genetic engineering / Matti Häyry
  • Geneticization / Rogeer Hoedemaekers
  • Genetic research / R.O. Mason
  • Genetics and behavior / Garland E. Allen
  • Genetic screening / Ruth Chadwick
  • Genetic technology, Legal regulation of / Tony McGlennan
  • Genome analysis / Adam M. Hedgecoe
  • Hazardous and toxic substances / Kristin Schrader-Frechette
  • Health and disease, Concepts of / Roger Wachbroit
  • Health technology assessment / Richard Ashcroft
  • Human nature, View of / Strachan Donnelley
  • Human research subjects, Selection of / Richard Ashcroft
  • Intrinsic and instrumental value / Nicholas Joll
  • Life, Concept of / Maurizio Mori Politeira
  • Medical futility / Loretta M. Kopelman
  • Novel foods / Ben Mepham
  • Nuclear power / Kristin Schrader-Frechette
  • Nuclear testing / Steven Lee
  • Organ transplants and xenotransplantation / Ruth Chadwick, Udo Schüklenk
  • Playing God / William Grey
  • Precautionary principle / Jenneth Parker
  • Reproductive technologies / Lucy Frith
  • Science and engineering ethics, Overview / R.E. Spier
  • Slippery slope arguments / Wibren Vand der Burg
  • Index.
Publisher's Summary:
The ethical assessment of new technologies raises two principal concerns: the need to develop effective policies and legislation, and the reconsideration of the ethical frameworks in which these policies and laws are developed. The importance of rapid, accurate examinations of tensions between Philosophy and Law and the relationship between philosophical principles and empirical data has never been greater. "The Concise Encyclopedia of Ethics of New Technologies" includes 23 articles previously published in the highly-acclaimed "Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics", nine updated articles, and five new articles, commissioned especially for this volume. Over half of the previously published articles include updated facts and bibliographic citations. Authors of genetics articles have updated their works to include the most recent developments and publications. New articles include: "Cloning, " "Geneticization, " "Health Technology Assessment, " "Intrinsic and Instrumental Value, " and "Novel Foods." Articles fall into these subject categories such as: medical ethics; scientific ethics; theories of ethics; environmental ethics; legal ethics; and ethical concepts.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Chadwick, Ruth F.

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