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Christopher Espinosa papers, 1978-1992.


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Espinosa, Christopher.
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  • Manuscript/Archive
  • 3 linear feet.
Open for research; material must be requested at least 36 hours in advance of intended use. Audio-visual media and disks must first be duplicated before use. Enquire for time requirements and possible cost.
Notebooks, 1988-1992; memos, 1979-1986; APPLE II and APPLE III operating, programing, and reference manuals, 1978-1983; Apple Resource dirctories, 1986-1988; three videos (Apple history in the making, 1991; Worldview demo, 1987; and Wild Card demo, 1987); three CD-ROMs (The Beta Release, 1990; The Apple reference & presentations library v4.0, 1990; and The virtual museum, 1992); two audio cassettes (Radio Apple, 1988); 55 floppy 5"-disks; and two t-shirts.
Gift of Christopher Espinosa, 2000.
As a high school student at Homestead High, Chris Espinosa was an early regular at Homebrew Computing Club meetings, and was employee number 8 at Apple. He developed programs to show at demos of the machine, and ran public demos of the Apple II until 1978, when he graduated from high school and started his freshman year at the University of California, Berkeley. While at Berkeley, he rewrote the Apple II user guide at the behest of Jef Raskin, Apple's publications manager. He returned to Apple full-time and was director of documentation for the Macintosh project. He later spent a number of years working in Apple's marketing division.

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