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Processus Martini P.[apae] IV [aliis II] contra Petru[m] Arragonae et Palaeologum : manuscript document, ca. 1281.


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  • 1 vellum scroll (ca. 8 feet long)
The text is complete, save for the opening and closing formulas, as would be normal for a copy. Two damaged portions have early repairs in the form of glued-on vellum patches with the lost text replaced in good manuscript "facsimile." [Notes taken from appraisal]
Martin IV (pope from 22 Feb 1281 to March 28, 1285) completely reversed the policies of his predecessors by throwing his support to the king of France. This unusually long and detailed document issued by the papal chancery against the Emperor of Byzantium Michael VIII Palaeologos and King Peter III of Aragon illustrates the consequences of this reversal: it threatens both rulers with excommunication unless they promptly comply with the pope's commands. Both Michael Palaeologos and Peter of Aragon were eventually excommunicated. This conflict between the Holy See with the emperors of the East and the Kings of Aragon has received much attention by historians. Includes a transcription and description written by Kathryn T. Maguire with Suzanne M. Miller for Professor Rega Wood's Philosophy 314 class (Medieval Latin Paleography), spring quarter, 2001.
Pope Martin IV was, in fact, the second pope by that name, not the fourth, because "Martin II" and "Martin III" were incorrect spellings in the official papal lists and should have been "Marinus II" and Marinus III." This explains why the above title includes the words "aliis II."
Gift of Ms. Dary Monins, 2000.
Maguire, Kathryn T.
Miller, Suzanne M. (Suzanne Marie), 1954-
Monins, Dary, collector.

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