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The body, culture, and society : an introduction / Philip Hancock ... [et al.].


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Publication date:
Phildelphia, Pa. : Open University, 2000.
  • Book
  • 146. p. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Notes on contributing authors Acknowledgements Introduction Medicalized bodies Disabled bodies Consumer bodies Old bodies Working bodies Ethical bodies Conclusion Bibliography Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
'Academics and undergraduates alike will welcome this accessible guide to a rich variety of body-related matters...an informed and stimulating introduction to the subject' - Chris Shilling, University of Portsmouth. How and why has the body come to the forefront of sociology? How is the body conceptualized in relation to issues of culture and identity? What are the limitations of current work on the sociology of the body?Over the past two decades, a concern with the human body has grown steadily within the social sciences. This timely volume, written by a team of lecturers actively researching and teaching in the field, provides a clear introduction to the significance of the corporeal dimension of life within contemporary sociological thought. It outlines many of the reasons behind this increased sociological fascination with the body, identifying it with a series of broader developments within the current cultural sensibility.Succeeding chapters, each individually authored, examine the place of the body within a range of substantive areas of sociological research - for example disability, consumption, work and old age - developing, in turn, a critical analysis of current research in these areas. With the use of jargon kept to a minimum, and with each chapter providing suggestions for further reading, "The Body, Culture and Society" is an accessible and lively introduction to the body from a sociological perspective.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Hancock, Philip, 1965-

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