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A primer of Italian fascism / edited and with an introduction by Jeffrey T. Schnapp ; translated by Jeffrey T. Schnapp, Olivia E. Sears, and Maria G. Stampino.



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Publication date:
Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c2000.
  • Book
  • xxi, 325 p. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. [319]-320) and index.
  • Contents:Introduction: The Fascist centuryA chronology of FascismPART 1: FoundationsPlatform of the Fasci di Combattimento (1919)Postulates of the Fascist Program (1920)Program of the National Fascist Party (1921)Excerpt from History of the Fascist Movement (1932) Gioacchino VolpeFoundations and doctrine of Fascism (1932) Benito Mussolini (in collaboration with Giovanni Gentile)PART 2: Core and peripheryFascism as intellectual revolution (1924) Giuseppe BottaiThe two faces of Fascism (1924) Sergio PanunzioFascism's problems and reality (1924) Camillo PellizziThe political doctrine of Fascism (1925) Alfredo RoccoFascism, nationalism and reactions (1931) and Fascism, revolution and European nonreaction (1931) Delio CantimoriCorporativism as absolute liberalism and absolute socialism (1932) Ugo SpiritoAddress to the National Corporative Council (14 November 1933) and Senate speech on the Bill Establishing the Corporations (abridged-- 13 January 1934) Benito MussoliniThe documents on race: The Manifesto of Race (1938), Critique of The Manifesto of Race (1941-42) and the New Revised Draft of The Manifesto of Race (1942)Twenty years of Critica Fascista (1943) Giuseppe BottaiThe Manifesto of Verona 1943PART 3: Fascism and cultureNine selections from the debate on Fascism and culture: Critica Fascista (1926-27)Art and Fascism (1928) Marherita G. SarfattiExcerpt from The ideal of culture and Italy today (1936) Giovanni GentileTwo excerpts from Futurism and Fascism: The Florence address (1919) and The Italian empire (1932) Filippo Tommaso MarinettiFour excerpts from Pagan imperialism: Fascism before the Euro-Christian peril (1928) Julius EvolvaPART 4: DocumentsManifecto of Fascist Intellectuals (1925)A reply to the Manifecto of Fascist Intellectuals (1925) Benedetto CroceThe Labor Charter (1927)Excerpts from the School Charter: The twenty-none Declarations: Principles, goals and methods of Fascist schools (19839)Bibliography in English-- Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
A Primer of Italian Fascism makes available for the first time in English translation the key documents pertaining to one of our century's defining mass political movements. Whereas existing anthologies survey Fascist writings in a multiplicity of national settings, A Primer of Italian Fascism opts for a tightly focused, in-depth approach that emphasizes the development of Fascist ideology in the country of its birth. Historically speaking, Italian Fascism was the original Fascism. The model for subsequent movements including Nazism, Falangism, and Integralism, Italian Fascism set out to define a third way to modernization known as corporatism. A Primer of Italian Fascism situates the rise and fall of corporatist ideals within the framework of the actual history of Mussolini's movement and regime.It includes not only classic doctrinal statements such as Mussolini's Foundations and Doctrine of Fascism and writings by corporatist theorists such as Bottai, Pellizzi, Rocco, and Spirito, but also an array of fundamental political and juridical documents, including the party platforms adopted by the Fascist combat brigades, the 1938 Manifesto of Race, the 1940 Manifesto of Verona, and the Fascist labor and school charters. By making available such an extensive array of source texts, A Primer of Italian Fascism aims to open up for the English reader a more complex and complete vision of Fascism, both in Italy and beyond. Jeffrey T. Schnapp is Rosina Pierotti Chair of Italian Literature at Stanford University and the author of several books, including Staging Fascism: 18 BL and the Theater for Masses.
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Schnapp, Jeffrey T. (Jeffrey Thompson), 1954-
Sears, Olivia E.
Stampino, Maria Galli.
European horizons.

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