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The Cambridge history of the book in Britain.



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Beginning date:
Cambridge [England] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, c1999-
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  • v. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction Michael F. Suarez, S. J.-- Part I. Quantity and Nature of Printed Matter: 1. Toward a bibliometric analysis of the surviving record, 1701-1800 Michael F. Suarez, S. J.-- 2. Printed ephemera Michael Twyman-- Part II. Economic, Legal and Cultural Context: 3. The book as a commodity James Raven-- 4. Copyright, authors and censorship Mark Rose-- 5. The rise of the professional author? Dustin Griffin-- 6. Women and print: readers, writers, and the market Isobel Grundy-- Part III. The Technologies and Aesthetics of Book Production: 7. The technologies of printing James Mosley-- 8. The industrialisation of the paper trade John Bidwell-- 9. A year's work in the London printing house of the Bowyers Keith Maslen-- 10. Book illustration and the world of prints Tim Clayton-- 11. The morphology of the page Nicolas Barker-- 12. Bookbinding in the eighteenth century (1695-1830) Nicholas Pickwoad-- Part IV. The Book Trade and its Markets: A. London and the 'Country': 13. London and the central sites of the English book trade 1695-1830 James Raven-- 14. Personnel within the London book trades: evidence from the Stationers' Company Michael L. Turner-- 15. The English provincial book trade: evidence from the British Book Trade Index Maureen Bell and John Hinks-- 16. The Scottish book trade Iain Beavan and Warren McDougall-- 17. Printing in Ireland Charles Benson-- B. Two Case Studies: 18. The craft, the craftsman, and the crafty man: Richard Francklin (active 1718-1765) James J. Caudle-- 19. The Longmans Asa Briggs-- C. Serial Publication and the Trade: 20. London newspapers 1695-1830 Michael Harris-- 21. Newspapers and the sale of books in the provinces C. Y. Ferdinand-- 22. British commercial and financial journalism before 1800 John McCusker-- 23. Distribution - the case of William Tayler Michael L. Turner-- 24. Periodicals and the trade 1694-1780 James Tierney-- 25. Periodicals and the trade 1780-1830 Brian Maidment-- D. The International Market: 26. Continental imports to Britain 1695-1740 P. G. Hoftijzer and O. S. Lankhorst-- 27. The English book on the Continent Bernhard Fabian and Marie-Luis Spieckermann-- 28. The British book in North America 1695-1840 James N. Green-- 29. The British book in India 1695-1830 Graham Shaw-- Part V. Books and their Readers: A. Religious Books: 30. Religious publishing Isabel Rivers-- 31. The Bible trade B. J. McMullin-- 32. The publishing and distribution of religious books by voluntary associations: from the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge to the British and Foreign Bible Society Scott Mandelbrote-- B. Literature and the Culture of Letters: 33. Book reviewing Antonia Forster-- 34. English literature 1695-1773 Michael F. Suarez, S. J.-- 35. British literature 1773-1830 Kathryn Sutherland-- 36. Scholarly editing: patristics, classical literature and Shakespeare Marcus Walsh-- 37. The reprint trade Tom Bonnell-- C. Specialist Books and Markets: 38. Collecting and the antiquarian book trade Richard Landon-- 39. The Stationers' Company and the almanack trade Robin Myers-- 40. Children's books and school books Andrea Immel-- 41. Music David Hunter-- 42. Maps and atlases in Britain 1690-1830 Yolande Hodson-- 43. Enlarging the prospects of happiness: travel reading and travel writing 1695-1830 Shef Rogers-- 44. Law books Wilfrid Prest-- 45. Philosophical books 1695-1830 John Valdimir Price-- 46. Scientific and medical books to 1780 Alice Walters-- 47. Scientific and medical books 1800-1830 John Topham-- 48. Radical publishing Marcus Wood-- 49. Mining the archive: a guide to present and future book-historical research resources Michael F. Suarez, S. J.-- Bibliography-- Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
This volume covers the history of printing and publishing from the lapse of government licensing of printed works in 1695 to the development of publishing as a specialist commercial undertaking and the industrialization of book production around 1830. During this period, literacy rose and the world of print became an integral part of everyday life, a phenomenon that had profound effects on politics and commerce, on literature and cultural identity, on education and the dissemination of practical knowledge. Written by a distinguished international team of experts, this study examines print culture from all angles: readers and authors, publishers and booksellers; books, newspapers and periodicals; social places and networks for reading; new genres (children's books, the novel); the growth of specialist markets; and British book exports, especially to the colonies. Interdisciplinary in its perspective, this book will be an important scholarly resource for many years to come.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Hellinga, Lotte.
Trapp, J. B. (Joseph Burney)
Barnard, John.

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